Wednesday 2 November 2016

What are conversions and how they can be improved

If you are into WWW world, either as a creator or a business using WWW for selling their product or service, ‘conversions’ is a term which is mostly used rarely by developers and occasionally by marketers. For web properties, conversions is a very very important terms which can define profits and loss.
Conversion metrics are gold to marketers, and these metrics are variable. It is based on requirement to compare two or more metrics and generate a resultant conversion report. For different industries and properties, conversion metrics vary.

Conversion metrics are directly related to sales or revenue generation. Here is a list of conversion metrics you should focus on as an online business or service provider.

What are conversions?
Conversions is a common word which is used in many genres. If we specifically talk about marketing, conversion is anything which makes someone to respond to call to action with intention to generate a Lead or sale.

Conversion techniques are implemented in order to fulfil a conversion goal, primarily a lead or a sale. Below we will be discussing some of the tactics which can help improving conversions.

Add a Social Sharing Button to your website. It encourages your visitors to share website’s content on their social media profile. This won’t directly generate a conversion but will definitely help a non-customer to sign up as they will see a known suggesting something, which will help in gaining a level of trust.

Creating Custom Conversion Landing pages for different conversion goals. It is above traditional web designing for particular niche of business. Now visitors are served a custom landing page, either as homepage or a landing page to any marketing process which encourages users to convert to a lead or customer.

Implementing these suggestions will definitely increase conversions on your website.
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