Friday 7 October 2016

4 strange landing page conversion tips!


Your well-optimized  hosting landing pages are the fundamental and of course undeniable part of your successful inbound marketing strategy. These well optimized landing pages are the hub of all your lead generation efforts that’s why all your campaigns and strategies revolve around a custom landing page of your website rather than an ambiguous Home page where visitors have to guess what to do next.

So having number of landing pages can drastically increase your lead generation rates but only having a landing page is not enough. It also needs to look good to perform well. Well now it can be understood how challenging great design can be especially if you are not a designer. But don’t worry here I am making things a bit easier for you by sharing some of my tactics to build good looking and high converting landing pages. So let’s binge it!

Trick #1: Offer pre-filled form fields!

A pre-filled form can be spooky. Since these pre filled forms know about your leads and use that information to fill in the relevant fields. This can be anything like a single field for example their email addresses or the first names. With these pre filled forms all that users need to do is just a click on your CTA button. Trust me this cause an amazing increase in your leads.

Trick #2: Use Pop-Ups instead of full forms!

A single clickable button or a full length form- which will convert better? Obviously a click only will convert better even if it pops up. But how does it make sense?
The fact is that people do not want to make a commitment. By allowing them to click a CTA button, you can effectively convert your potential users into valuable customers.

Trick #3: Dynamic Text Replacement!

Well when words starts to spell themselves out, or when these words start changing on the page things got more scary than ever.  These dynamic text changing can help to increase landing page conversions. You can personalize your landing page appearance by customizing the text appeared on it based on what you know about your visitors.

Trick #4: Don’t forget to include Social Sharing!

Social media share buttons is definitely a wise choice to add upon your landing page. But what’s important is not the number of widgets you add but the quality of these added widgets i.e. the customer base those independent widgets represents.

So these are my strange but effective tricks to improve my landing conversion rate. If you any other point then do mention it in the comment box below.
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