When somebody talks to you about on page SEO, the first thing that might come to your mind is meta tags. A well optimized web page can drive huge traffic to the website. Well, in this article I have brought for you an amazing infographic from Backlinko that will help you out with some practical tips to optimize your web page for search engines.

On Page SEO Checklist

Social media is one such area where online users spend most of the time now a days and that’s why integrating social media to your ecommerce site will drip additional value to your business.

This article explains here five most effective ways to integrate social media with your ecommerce website :

  1. Offer Social Login :

    Around 86% visitors leave a website on being asked to fill a long registration form before buying the desired product. Social Login is a great solution there. Also known as Social Media login, it allows visitors to use their existing social identity in order to authenticate themselves, eliminating the need to create another username and password.
    Social login
    The easier it is to sign up, the more people are going to do it thereby boosting sign up rates as well as conversion. Along with simplifying the registration process, social sign in provides businesses access to reliable first party user profile data that can be used to create more targeted marketing campaigns. Other benefits that social login provides are less spam registration, low bounce rates, etc. To know how social login is being used by businesses, check out this report by LoginRadius.
  2. Place Social Sharing buttons on product page:

    It’s human nature that we love to share what we like with the people known to us and sharing our purchases on social media as well as taking opinion from others has become a trend now a days. Placing social sharing buttons on the website has become quite common these days as it benefits the site with increased visibility and higher engagement.
    Social Sharing

    While adding social sharing buttons, make sure to use the most popular social media networks as per your business and audience. Also place these buttons close to the product in order to drive maximum engagement.
  3. Provide social based commenting :

    Offering social based commenting like comment with Facebook, Disqus will help your business in making the experience of commenting more convenient and engaging. Apart from eliminating the hurdles of captcha, it makes the commenting process social.
    Social Commenting

    Social based commenting also has a rating system that indicates the most engaged comment as the top most discussion.
  4. Add social proof on product page :

    When the users arrive on the product page, show them what others are saying about your business and products and why they should choose you. There are numerous ways to integrate social proof on your site but the four most popular ones are as below :
    Social Proof

    a. Embedded social media post
    b. Testimonials
    c. Social Count
    d. Case studies and use cases
  5. Show the list of product that are in trend socially :

    Many of the products of your website are more popular on social media than others so it is essential to highlights those products to your customers in order to convince them to buy it. To that end, you can add a “popular products” section on your website that can help users to find out which products are more popular and trendy on social media.

The age of social media is finally arrived. People are spending time on social media like never before and if you haven’t added these social elements on your site then you are missing out a lot.

Social login, also known as Social Sign In or Social Network Login, is a boon to enhance convenience in today’s hectic era. A very simple to use feature, it works great when visitor doesn’t want to go through time consuming traditional registration process. Social login saves users time by letting them sign in using their existing social identity.

Social Login

One of the major areas where social media login is highly in trend is Ecommerce websites. Here are five reasons why :

  1. No fatigue of creating new account :

    The point is self-explanatory, we all have been through this headache almost daily. Creating new account for every new website by filling those long registration forms are not at all fun and often kill the momentum making visitors leave the website, because c'mon who has got time for this long process when some other website is providing the same products with less time consuming process. No doubt everybody wants social sign in.
  2. Less passwords to memorize :

    How many passwords do you have? I bet the answer must be a lot! Do you remember all of them or are all your passwords strong? I guess not. The more passwords an online user needs to create the easier he will choose and the higher the chances of password being hacked. Apart from that 92% users prefer leaving the website rather than recovering it. That’s where social login comes into the picture as it doesn’t make user create another site specific username and passwords.
  3. Sites get reliable social data :

    Today’s generation is social media savvy. People now provide lot’s of data about themselves on several social media sites and constantly keep updating it. With social login feature, sites can get access to this data. Being collected directly by users, it is highly reliable and can help businesses in various ways.
  4. Personalized user experience :

    With social data like name, image, location, interests, etc, websites now can personalize their website in order to enhance customer experience. Also, by looking social media activity of the user, sites can offer more relevant offers that can convert the user into customer.
  5. You can end up getting some free promoters :

    The additional benefit of using social sign in for ecom sites is that it is free advertisement. People love to flaunt their latest purchases within their networks, no matter online or offline. This can help your business exposure to a grand audience. Social Login is a great way to integrate social media to your website and this fits perfect here.

These are the five reasons why social login is highly in trend for Ecommerce websites. Did I miss any other reason that you think why social logins are popular? Mention in the comments below.
Woohoo! What’s with this latest technology? It runs faster than your slim & hot colleague who sprints daily on her treadmill. It makes more moves than your cunning neighbor. It bounds the way your lecturer jumps from his statements. But how is it getting possible? Well, for some people, clock is more than a show piece. They understand the fast tick-tick sound and realize the pace of technology.  We had Youtube, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter but why not posting short videos as our statuses? Hence, KEEK was invented. It’s a free online social networking service which allows posting video status updates which are called keeks. When people reply with their keeks on your post, then they call it keekbacks. Now you know why did I title this blog like this? We can post keeks to the keek website using a webcam or via the Keek mobile apps for iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, orAndroid (operating system).

What makes Keek different is that it focuses on short, personal video uploads. A ‘keek’ can only be 36 seconds long, and is usually uploaded directly from a webcam or Smartphone camera. And it’s not all about public posts, you can privately chat using video or text with up to 36 people at once. Wow! Number 36 rules keek. 36 remind me of figures (grin). By that I mean Statistical figures. You can keep a track of your post’s stat as well. A full fledged graph guides you for this.
If you wake up every morning with a dream to be popular, then Keek can get you there. If your post gets popular, you can be featured in their “popular” tab that appears on the homepage. Recently, Goodbye 2013 videos were a hit. You can check out the last craziest stuff of 2013. By the way, if you are already on the luckier side, I mean if you are popular, then you can opt for account verification. So you will not be at risk of impersonation.
There are two kinds of people in this social networking world (why is it sounding like a bollywood dialogue?). One, who like making new friends at every website they log on to, second, who live a calm life within their cocoon shell of old friends. Keek has feature for both the kinds. You can find new people or you can add your friends from Facebook, twitter or email account. In August 2013 Keek reached a total of 58 million users growing at the rate of 250,000 new users a day. Keek has been the top video app in 18 countries globally.
I hate when my friends reply to my app requests saying “this app not on my platform dudeL”. Although the secret is I enjoy my privilege of having the app. But what’s the fun of being on a social networking app where your own friends are not there? It will not be wrong to state keek as the “God” of modern apps because it’s omnipresent for all the internet geeks. It’s on Ios, windows phone, android and blackberry platforms. We all use hashtags and these are termed as Klusters in Keeky language. So search the popular terms to watch videos related to them
The word “Keek” comes from Middle English and means a look, especially a quick one. I vouch for the smart looks of the webpage. A sci-fi design button lets you post a new keek. Make the whole world see the first walk of your kid; congratulate you for your wedding; compliment your shopping or pamper your pet digitally. Start the keek experience and ya! Don’t forget to receive Keekbacks!
Are you flooding your Google Chrome browser with massive list of bookmarks, history, passwords, auto fill form data and apps? Additionally, are you worried if someone else might check your browsing activities and play with your little secrets? If so, I’ll tell you how I got myself free from this situation. Google chrome is my favorite browser and I do surf a lot. I have immense number of bookmarks and favorite websites, passwords and auto fill up form data. Just for an example, to reach the bottom of my bookmark list it needs around ten seconds!
So today in this blog I would be guiding you towards creating multiple users for your single chrome browser. For expert users, this might not be a secret any-more, but for newbies, this will be precious.
How to create multiple user profiles in chrome?
First of all, fire up your chrome and look for the settings icon at the right top corner of chrome. Users with older version of chrome might look up for that typical wrench menu instead.
  • Hit the ‘settings’ link from the menu opened in previous step. This will open up a whole new tab with all the chrome settings.
  • Scroll down to the fifth category i.e. the category which says ‘People’. Then click on ‘Add new people’.
  • On clicking on it, a new window in overlay will appear within your browser with many images for you to choose one for the user profile and a name field below just like this image shown.

  • Below the name field, there is a check box which lets you create a desktop short-cut for the new user to start his/her new chrome profile for browsing with a double click. If you unchecked it, then your chrome won’t install the desktop icon for this profile. In this case, to change the user profile while surfing, you need to open up chrome and look for the user image icon at the top left corner of the chrome window. Click on the icon to open a list of all the user profiles you have created.
  • The user profile which says ‘First user’, is the profile you were using till now i.e. your main profile.You can even edit the user profile with which you are currently using chrome by clicking ‘edit’’ which shows up when you hover upon the respective user profile.
  • Regarding the desktop short-cut icon, I would prefer to let chrome create it because this will really be helpful for other users as their name along with the chrome icon will be visible at the desktop.
    You can even sign into the chrome with your Gmail id to synchronize all your browsing data into your user profile in chrome. Once you sign in, let it be from anywhere like in Antarctica, all your browsing data will appear on the chrome browser.
How to delete user profiles in chrome?
  • For deleting any user profile in chrome, go to ‘settings’ and then ‘people’. There you would see the list of multiple user profiles for chrome. Select the one you wish to delete.
  • Then click on the ‘Delete’ button and confirm the action. Done. Any desktop shortcuts associated with the deleted user profile in chrome will automatically be deleted after performing this action.
This although is a simple thing to do but many people remain unaware of this awesome feature in chrome. Creating multiple user profile in chrome is a must if you want your personal browsing data to be kept aside from your browsing data at workplace. Besides, this also can prove handy if your whole family uses the same chrome for browsing the internet. Make separate profile for each of them and they will enjoy a personal browsing session. Moreover, you can even avoid people from peeping into your secret browsing history (well, this can even save your a** at times!)
Surprised? Yes you’ve read it right. Today in this blog, I’ll be telling you how this bone conducting headphones work. But before that let me introduce you to bone conducting headphones, the next big thing in the audio market. First of all, as it sounds, it’s different from the traditional headphones and earphones we have used till date. You won’t even have to stuff anything into your ear holes! Just place the transducer or the audio signal emitting part on the outer part of ear over the bony region and that’s it.
The traditional headphones and earphones with buds really do produce loud sound signals but also do have some drawbacks. It must feel really awesome to hear some rocking beats of some song through your earphones while you’re on a train or jogging or like matching up your dance steps with the incoming beats or perhaps driving your car at jet speed! Don’t you think that activities like driving or crossing the streets, with your ears pumping that deadly beat music can hypnotize your brain to divert its senses? Well that’s actually very risky.
Bone Conducting Headphones

Medical statistics suggest that a certain group of youngsters including me, has some degree of hearing loss in varying percentage. Well that’s obvious. If you’re making your ears to drain a sound level as intense as 120 decibels every day, then what more do you expect from your organs? But we humans won’t stop doing that. We love music, we can’t stay without it. So for people like us, bone conduction headphone is the solution.

How do Bone conduction headphones transmit the sound signals?

Well, regarding this, I’ll rather start with the human hearing mechanism. No raw biology, but the necessary facts only, promise.
The external part of the ear is responsible for collecting the surrounding sound and passes those sound waves to the middle ear. The injected sound wave hits the tympanic membrane a.k.a the ear-drum and gets propagated further to the auditory ossicles i.e. the tiny three bones, the incus, stapes and malleus. The sound then gets passed on through an orifice between the middle ear and the inner ear. A thin membrane separates the fluid content of the inner ear from the air content of the middle ear and is also responsible for transmitting the signal to numerous nerve fibres with varying frequencies and the signal ultimately reaches the brain. The noise factor is also screened out during the process.
So theoretically, the vibration of the bones leads the sound signal to reach the auditory nerve via the inner ear. And there comes the bone conduction technology with practical implementation of the theory.
Bone conduction isn’t that alien as you might think it to be. Let me cite you an example. Did you ever record your own voice and hear it play or say like, did you ever follow your own voice in a video recorded at your birthday bash? Didn’t your own voice sound somewhat different than you thought your voice to be? That’s because our skull can conduct lower frequencies even better than air medium which makes us to perceive our own voice to be fuller and lower than other people do. And surprisingly, this is due to bone conduction! While in a recorded clip our voice appears to be higher in frequency which makes it a bit different.
Are you wondering which genius made this thing actually happen? Have you ever heard of the great composer Beethoven? I am sure you’ve. This great composer once suffered a hearing loss. He just connected one end of a rod with his piano and he placed the other end to his head. This method made the vibration from the instrument directly reach his cochlea and this is what bone conduction does. This method has already being implemented as medical aid for hearing impaired patients.
After that from the early years of 20th century time to time several requirements led several inventors to create such bone conducting devices. For example the air defense organisations used this technology to make it easier for pilots to overcome the roaring of the jet engines. Even the scuba divers also use this technology.I guess now it’s time for us to have some fun with the goodness of this technology.

Well, this bone conducting headphone does work but is it worth the deal?

In spite of all the goodness we talk about this technology, the significant point is to calculate whether this bone conducting headphones are really that good and better than the existing earphones with ear buds or not. This answer will certainly be on the trickier side.
But to go with this bone conduction technology, the very first thing we potential consumers should know is whether this bone conducting headphones can save our ears from the harsh side-effects of the traditional earphones or not.The vice-chairperson for Audiology Foundation of America, Dr. Price seems to be impressed with this technology and declared it safe for our ears.
Need more surprises? Well electronic giant Panasonic has already declared its bone conducting headphones for TV with Bluetooth connectivity at a recent media event. Further the famous Google Glass is also heard of using the same bone conduction technology to provide sound signals through bones with the help of attached transducers.

Advantage of bone conducting headphones till date:

  • These bone conducting headphones certainly leaves your ears unblocked which lets you hear outside sounds which proves to be safe while on a car or jogging. So next time you’re out in the city, within busy streets, just let the music play!
  • Uninterrupted crisp audio reception even within noisy environments.

Disadvantage of bone conduction headphones till date:

  • The frequency bandwidth is believed to be reduced.
  • The power requirement can be higher for these devices.
Scientists are still busy in digging out more facts and experimenting with bone conduction technology at higher levels. So only time can tell us whether this technology adds up more points within the advantage section or within the disadvantages.Although such devices are out in the market with a high cost we still need to wait for the time when this technology will be widely open for markets and being commercialized in bulks.But sooner or later, days may come when our kids on being questioned about our hearing organ, might answer as Bones!

A Saturday night, a bunch of pals, at the craziest bar – the whole package to cheer up your weekend. The next morning, a bad hangover from the last night and a missing phone! Oh Boy! Now this little device, the missing piece of your heart is enough to ruin the rocking time you had earlier. The hangover must be over by now! And you start thinking how to find your missing phone. And there comes this article to guide your way in finding your missing phone.

Missing phone

So first of all, stay calm!  No, I am neither kidding nor do I want to freak you out, but most possibly your brain would perform better if you could just stay calm.
I will be discussing here some of the great apps through which you can check the whereabouts of your lost phone. It could be anywhere from your toilet to even at the bar you visited or on the floor of some taxi you boarded. But before relying in these apps, try practically that is within your capacity.
So start with each of the rooms you had visited the day earlier. Check the couch, chairs, cushions and probably each and every furniture. If you find nothing, then check at your workplace, ask your friends, perhaps, try calling your mobile form any number. If you are lucky enough, you might hear your mobile ringing. And in case you’re unlucky, continue reading!

  • Android Lost:
    This is a web based application which lets you to access your phone via the internet. Additionally, it lets you to trigger an alarm in spite of the silent mode set within your mobile.This helps in locating the phone. It even supports feature to wipe out all of your sensitive data from your phone.

  • Plan B:
    Of course, there must be a subordinate plan B. Some of the mobile locating apps need to be installed into the mobile you lost. But what if you never did install any of those apps? There comes the Plan B. Visit the Android market and you can remotely install the app into your missing phone.

    Through GPS or by sending email, the app will locate your missing phone and then email the same to you. But in the case when you would require another location, just type ‘LOCATE’ and keep messaging it to your phone from a friend’s phone and you can try catching up with its new location. This plan B seems quite strong huh!
  • Phone Found:
    This isn’t a type of an app as the ones mentioned above. This app lets you paste your email address and other communication numbers within your phone screen which keeps these details visible even when your phone is locked. Someone who has found your phone can read those details and may send back your phone at your address. Well this apps really depends upon human nature!
  • Lookout:
    This is one genius app I must say. It protects your phone against theft or in some missing phone incidents. It charges you as low as $3 a month for its service. Antivirus service, backing up data and contacts information are all included in this app. Lookout app like others can track your missing phone through maps. Further cool services like Lock cam makes it possible to click an image of the person if he/she tries to break into lock screen password for the third time and email it to you.
  • ADM or Android Device Manager:
    This one is the latest offering from Google to help you find your missing phone. This ADM allows users to track and ping their missing phones and also remotely wiping out all the data from it. Too bad you can’t remotely lock your phone through ADM. But yes you can ping your phone and force it to ring its heart out regardless of its profile mode. Luckily it comes free and perhaps pre-installed!
  • Bit Defender Anti-Theft:
    What ADM doesn’t, Bit Defender does. Yes it has the remote locking feature too including all the other facilities. But this needs a $4 annual subscription to work. Interestingly, BD can’t be uninstalled by unauthorised users and if some genius tries to bypass it by changing the sim, you will get the notification SMS along with the number to the phone of your choice. You can then wipe data from your phone remotely.
  • Find my Iphone:
    Well here I have got something for the Apple users as they like the fruits only from their own tree. So, this app works only for Apple devices like the iPhone, iPads, MacBooks etc.And it’s free.
  • I Can’t Find My Phone:
    Yes I know!Okay this is one website which doesn’t do some serious herculean geek job in tracking, GPS and all. But instead it just makes your phone ring so that you can track it from some piles of clothing and all. Often we end up laughing at ourselves in searching for our missing phone all over the house while we have it right inside our pockets.All you need is to logon to www.icantfindmyphone.com and enter your number. But I hope you didn’t leave it in silent mode.
In case none of the above plans did the trick for you, I am so sorry! I think now it’s time you make a call to your service provider to lock your Sim-card, then you need to contact the police officials but you should have the IMEI of your phone with you.The next time, better have one of the aforementioned apps installed within your phone and take necessary precautions. However, I hope this article would help you to gain an idea in brief of how to find your missing phone.