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Most Popular Company Slogans: Know How You Can Write Yours!

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Think of the brands that you love and tell me what you recall. Most probably it’s not just the brand name that came in your mind, You might also start recollecting their famous slogans. Yeah, brand slogans are most likely to catch attention if written well.

Good slogans are a part of your branding exercise, don’t you think so?

According to the small business encyclopedia of’s, “A slogan is a catchphrase or a small group of words which are combined in a special way to identify a product or company”

A slogan is basically a phrase written by a company itself for the advertisement and branding purpose. They are much like mini-mission statements and exists for the same reason companies are having logos: Advertising. While logos are the visual representations of a brand, slogans serve for the audible representation of the brand. But both are intended towards the same goal which is to grab consumer’s attention.

The purpose is to convey a key message to people so that if they can’t remember anything from an advertisement, they at least take the slogan with them.

Let’s have a look at some characteristics of a great slogan:

Short and Simple: Simple is always effective. A good slogan should always be simple so that people can easily memorize it. A good slogan must be quickly recognizable, that people only have to spend two or three seconds to recall it. It should not exceed the length of a single sentences. Combination of 5 to 6 catchwords are good for an effective brand slogan.

Lasting Impression:  Slogans are meant to be memorable. “Taste the feeling”, tagline of Coca-Cola directly connects to the audience hence has a mass appeal. It is different and it is memorable.

Brand enhancement: Brand slogans are there to strengthen and complement a brand. Just think of the tagline of State farm’s “Like a good neighbour, state farm is always there”. With this catchphrase they speak their features i.e. better service, local agents and more comprehensive coverage. So slogans must convey a message that audience can clearly understand.

Humor:  Humor is always remembered and a company who makes use of it in its marketing advertisements always gets success.

Emotion: Usually the best way to connect with your customers is through emotions. Target your customers pain points and make a personal connection via taglines. Think of the positive brand slogans like Allstate’s “You are in good hand”, Anritsu’s  “Discover what’s possible” and many more. They directly touch people’s intention therefore people  remember it.

Now that you know what makes a good slogan, It’s time to focus upon some helpful tools to write the best slogan for your company:

Tools for creating a memorable company tagline!

  1. Shopify Free slogan Maker: When it comes to slogan generators, shopify’s free slogan maker always tops the list. It is very simple and can generate 1000+ slogans for a single keyword you enter. Just enter a keyword that best describes your business and click on “generate slogans” button and within seconds you will get 1000+ catchy and attractive brand slogans. Choose one that best explains your brand.

  1. Procato:  If you want a tool without much fancy options, then Procato is for you. It creates one slogan for one keyword at a time. And if you don’t like it, simply re-enter your keyword and it will give you another option.

  1. Slogan Generator: It is a free tool that also offers the option to share your generated company slogan across your social media platforms. Its chrome extension is also available for faster generation of taglines. To generate an eye-catching marketing slogan for your brand, you can try different variant of the same root word number of times.

  1. With sloganizer you can create your own business slogan and can directly add to your business website by making use of Sloganizer service center. The created slogan will appear at the top of your website, you can re-adjust it wherever you want. It is free and fast, that’s why the best choice out of all slogan makers.

  1. Go spaces Slogan Generator: This is a brilliant slogan maker where you can sign in your website for free. It can generate more than thousand slogan for a keyword at a time that perfectly goes with your brand and doesn’t look like a misfit unlike other slogan generators. Here you can also create logos, product names and much more using this tool.

Here is a big list of most creative and popular slogans of big brands here:

Adobe- Better by Adobe!

Acura- The Road will never be same

AIG- We know Money!

Alpo Dog Food
Alpo Dog Food- Doesn't your Dog deserves ALPO?

American Airlines
American Airlines- Something special in the air!

American Express
American Express- Don't leave home without it!

Apple- Think Different

Adidas- Impossible is nothing!

 At&T- Mobilizing your world!

Audi- Innovation through technology

Bank Of America
Bank Of America

BIC- Flick my bic

Bissell- Life's Messy, clean it up

BMW- The ultimate driving machine


BOSE- Better sound through research

 Budweiser- The king of Beers

 Burger King
 Burger King- It just tastes better

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein- Between love and madness lies obsession

Camel- I'd walk a mile for a camel

Capital one
Capital one- What's in your wallet?

ChesterField- A silly millimeter longer

Cisco- Empowering the internet generation

 Citi- Live Richly

CNet- the source for computing and technology

 CNN- The most trusted name in News

 Coca-Cola- Taste the feeling

Dannon yogurt
Dannon yogurt- Love it for Life


Dell- Easy as Dell

Delta Airlines
Delta- You'll love the way we fly

Denny’s- We're Cooking Now

 DHL- We Move The World

 Disneyland- The Happiest Place on Earth

Dunkin Doughnuts
Dunkin Doughnuts- Time to make the doughnuts

Ebay- The World's online Market Place 

Electrolux- Nothing sucks like an Electrolux

Esso- Put a Tiger in your Tank Don't just Travel. Travel right!

FedEx- The World On Time

Fisher Price- Best Possible Start

Ford- Go Further

Fox News
Fox News- Fair and Balanced

FTD- Say it with Flowers!

General Electric
General Electric- Imagination at work

Gillette- The Best A Man Can Get

Gatorade- Is it in you?

 GoodYear - Made to feel good


GreyHaund- Leave the driving to us 

Haig Scotch Whiskey
Haig Scotch Whiskey- Don't be Vague, Ask for Haig

Hallmark - When you care enough to send the very best

Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson- American by Birth, Rebel by Choice

Hebrew National
Hebrew National- We answer to a higher authority

Hertz- Hertz puts you in the driver's seat

HP- Invent

Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn- Pleasing People The World Over

Honda- The Power of Dreams 


Huggies- There is nothing like a hug

IBM- Solutions for a small planet

Intel- Intel Inside.

 Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box- We don't make it until you order it

Jaguar- Don't dream it. Drive it!

Jell-O- America's most famous dessert

JPMorganChase-  The right relationship is everything

 Juicy Juice

Juicy Juice- 100% Juice for 100% Company

Kay Jewelers
Kay Jewelers- Every Kiss begins with Kay

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes- They're Gr-r-r-et!

KFC- Finger-lickin's Good!

Kodak- Share moments, Share life

Las Vegas
Las Vegas- What happens here, stays here

Lays- Betcha can't eat just one

Lexus- The relentless persuit of perfection 

M&M’s- Melts in your mouth, not in your hands

Marlboro- Come to Marlboro Country

MasterCard- There are somethings that money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard

Mazda- Passion for the road

Mcd- I'm lovin' it

Meow Mix
Meow Mix- Tastes So Good, Cats Asks for it by name


Microsoft- Your Potential. Our Passion

Mitsubishi- Wake up and Drive

Nike- Just Do it


Nikon- At the heart of the images

Pepsi- The Taste of New Generation

Phillip Morris
Phillip Morris- Talk. They'll Listen

Sprite- Obey your thirst

Subway- Eat Fresh

 Taco Bell
 Taco Bell- Think outside the bun

Toshiba- Choose Freedom

Toyota- Get the feeling

Visa- It's everywhere you want to be

Volkswagen- Drivers wanted

Volvo- For Life

Walmart- Always Low Prices, Always

Wendy’s- Where's the beef?

Yahoo- Believe

Yellow pages
Yellow pages- Let your fingers do the walking

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