Friday, 18 May 2018

The Ultimate Branding Secrets For Photographers

The Ultimate Branding Secrets For Photographers

Every business needs a unique name, image, and design that represents what it stands for, and what services it will provide to a consumer.

This naming, designing, and giving a visual outlook to your business is known as branding. Branding helps the customer differentiate between your product/services from others in the market.

Just like any other business; photography business needs a brand too because branding is just not finding unique names or fancy logos. It’s about connecting emotionally with your consumers. And when people go to photographers it’s because of some emotion they want to capture and memories to store.

Hence, branding your business is like a rope for your success. A better brand makes people believe in your vision and dedication; and not take you as another person looking to kill time or chasing a dream that changes every week.

Branding is a hard, time consuming and meticulous process and it needs focus, research, and patient. So here are some branding tips for you budding photographers.

1. The logo

The logo is the face of your brand that will go on your business card and on billboards or newspapers if you ever feel like advertising. So, while finalizing a logo, keep all these things in your mind.

A logo should be simple and elegant not fancy; it should be short, catchy but descriptive. It should be readable whether used in color or black and white. Also, most importantly it should be able to do justice to the type of photography you do.

Research well on Google, look at successful brand before going in guns blazing at your own logo and coming out with something that just doesn’t work. For those, who don’t want to get themselves into DIY designing, can look for online photography logo maker tools. These tools are absolutely free and can help you create a decent logo within minutes. Although if you are looking for something expert level, investing a designer might be a wise idea.

2. The color of the logo and overall feel of the brand

A photographer’s work speaks about his personality and that’s what you need to bring into your branding too. The overall feel of the branding should go with how you are as a person and what your work is all about and what it depicts.

If your work is bold you can’t have a logo with pastel colors or typefaces. If you prefer clean and simple but elegance goes with a modest logo.

Similarly, colors also affect your brand. Some colors don’t go together so research well before using any of them for your visualization. You can read here how colors can impact the overall message when it comes to logo designing.

3. Being original is the call of the hour

Breathe and take a moment to decide what is different about your style of photography. How are you artistically and creatively different from other photographers and then will all this mind, build your branding strategy with your unique selling points.

Getting inspiration from other people’s work is fine but don’t go ripping off everything they did. Be original, consumers always look for the next thing and maybe your originality will give them that and you more clients.

4. Seek professional help

Hiring a professional designer or branding expert is money well spent. A professional will learn everything about your business and what it stands for and design accordingly. It will give a signature look to your brand that will be just perfect for you.

But hiring professionals is good money so only invest in this if you are dedicated and sure about taking the next step.

5. Create an online presence

The importance of having exposure on social media cannot be exaggerated more. Everyone is on social media and it’s the right platform to promote your brand, impressing the minds of people with your work and keep up the clientele.

Instagram and Facebook are a great social media platforms to make an online presence. Just post your pictures, tag the involved people and add your website or contact details, the right people will surely look you up.

But digital marketing needs consistency, simplicity, and variety so don’t let your account go stagnant. Post regularly and mix it up.

6. Reach out to other like-minded artists

Like and follow the works of people and not just photographers you admire. Like their post, re-post their work and they will too hopefully give a shout out to your work.
This will increase your audience as you have just been exposed to their entire followers.

Branding is the need of the hour and once you have done it perfectly, you will be surprised with the results. But also remember no amount of branding, advertising makes up for poor work. So never let your work suffer. Your priority should always be photography and the quality you give to your customer. Never compromise with that.
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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Marketing Strategies To Get Your Brand Noticed In 2018

Customer attention span is getting shorter every day! Would you believe the average attention span of a customer is less than of a Goldfish’s which is 9 seconds? With an average customer getting more than 10,000 messages from different brands every day, does your business really stand a chance? May be.. No???

Noise is getting louder guys!!!

Marketing Strategies To Get Your Brand Noticed In 2018

Okay let’s imagine this!

It’s 7am.

Your customer wakes up with his Samsung Phone Alarm. He puts it to off and wears his comfy Bata slippers. He puts his Colgate toothpaste on his Oral B toothbrush and starts brushing teeth.

Next, he squeezes out the Himalaya Body Wash, shaves with Nivea shaving cream and Gillette razor. Also, uses L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner to wash his hairs.

Once done, he applies Axe deodorant and fixes his hair with Garnier Fructis Hair gel, also uses Dove body lotion on the body.

Now puts on his Monte Carlo shirt with John Players Jeans, complementing it with a stylish Titan Watch  and A woodland Shoes!

It’s 8am!

So guys, your customer has not even left the house and he has encountered more number of brands than you and I can imagine.

So in this ever increasing noise, how are you getting your brand heard?

This article is going to share some smart ways you can make your brand heard in 2018. Let’s get started guys!

1. Create an exclusive logo

For any company’s visual identity, Logo is the first factor that strikes in mind. So while you are working towards getting your brand more exposure, the first thing you need to check is the Logo. Check whether it resonates with your business name or not. If not, you need to start redesigning now guys.

The next thing to analyse is the color. Surface level study for the colors is going to help you in long run. Now, I understand, that everyone has its own color choices but there are certain association, we all make when it comes to colors. Being aware of these associations can help you design a logo that strikes the right chords among your customers.

For eg, if you talk about McDonald's, its logo color is the combination of Red and Yellow. On the other hand, Yahoo’s is of Purple and Coca Cola logo shows Red. One can easily differentiate Facebook and Twitter just by looking their logo color, right?

Once you are done with the colors, here comes the major part- designing! So no worries if you don’t have a professional designer by your side, look for Free or Cheap Online Logo Maker tools like Canva. Honestly, design schools are very easier to access and better too. But no matter which tool you choose, always keep the latest design trends in mind. For eg, flat designs are in right now, so unless you have some perfect idea in mind, don’t go to the opposite direction.

2. Stand out with your functional web design

Your website design is the extension of your website logo. All the analysis you have done in terms of font, color, shape regarding to logo is going to play an important role in web design as well.

But along with that, what matters more is the usability. The easiness of use is what impresses search engines and your customers more than ever. Make sure to pass the ultra modern or cutting-edge design if you are not a famous brand right now. Now many of you might think that if you are avoiding these styles, how will you stand out?

Well, guys, simply take time to build a lightweight beautiful website that can provide your customers a smooth experience and make them stick around. A website doesn’t have to look complicated to look stunning! Look at Medium and you will know. Also provide informational high quality content with neater design. Again, if you are a newbie here, don’t hesitate from taking professional help.

3. Start Influencer Marketing

75% of marketers today are trying their hands in influencer marketing, making it one of the most effective ways to get your brand noticed on www.

The basic concept behind influencer marketing is to connect with the influential people in the same niche and get them spread the word about you. These influencer when talk about you, build credibility for your brand. Social media posts, blog reviews, endorsements, etc are some of the forms of influential marketing, So if you are also planning for influential marketing, keep a story-to-tell ready and find a strategy that works for your brand and the influencer.

4. Create a Blog and keep it updated

Guys, blogging is not dead, not even close! Regular well strategized blogging not only creates brand awareness but also brings potential customers who might become your loyal customers.

The point here is that content marketing must be the solid base of your branding strategy. Content marketing is what tells who you are and why you are here. So start your company blog and above all, and don’t forget to keep it updated. Share useful information about your business, product and market. Also try to add humor element sometimes.

Don’t make the mistake of starting a blog and then leaving it for months or even years. Imagine someone finds your blog and see that the last post you published was 6 months ago, not a nice scenario, right? They might assume you are not in business anymore, and there my friend, you lost a potential customer!

5. Start email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to get in front of your customers on a daily basis. So while you want to get your brand heard in this extremely noise world wide web, email marketing is your best bet. The approach not only helps you deliver the content your customers want, but also builds a platform to nurture long term relationships. Very old school yet highly effective, a must try approach if you want to give your brand the exposure.

Guys, branding is what makes you sustain which is why if you are not doing it right, think again! Follow above mentioned strategies to bring your branding journey on track.
Good luck!
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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How To Sell buy Android Reviews

After creating and launching a new Android app on Play store, the next big agenda shows up, which is to make it hugely popular among all android phone users. Now, this target can only be achieved of the reviews of the app convey some positive message about the service. Hence, in order to increase Android reviews, the creator of the app starts to find out the best possible ways to make it happen at the earliest. Among those ways to buy Android reviews is one of the factors that you would consider doing, due to the fact that it will be adding value to the credibility of the app.

Therefore, to sweep away the market with your app, app developers prefer to buy reviews. And to know about the benefits before going for the final call, you should read about the advantages of having Android reviews and how convenient is to buy them from a reputable provider.
For instance, if an Android app has a set of positive reviews, the authenticity of its service quality automatically boosts. And other users also observe this response from the previous users and the cycle starts to improve, more people feel convinced and assured by such comments.

Now, while planning out a smart marketing plan, you need to work on the feedback and branding to evolve through the competition with absolute use of keywords, in which buying Android reviews add a lot of value. Here are the points for which developers go for purchased android app reviews, and the factors that most trustworthy service providers follow while offering their service:

1. Adds to the frequency of acceptance
Most of the users tend to rely on the apps, which have got positive reviews on a frequent basis, where every second review praise the service is more likely to be tried by new users. This phenomenon makes easy for the developers to attract more users repeatedly.

2. Improves usage without violating any rules
Many trusted apps are successfully getting more number of users, which is not violating any rules. And to make it happen an authentic and reliable source of service is playing an important role.

3. Detailed description makes them real
Those reviews that are not at all explained, can be pointed out as fake. But here when the developer buys Android reviews they are well-written in detail, which makes them more real and removes the tag of being spam. Therefore, a real review should look and sound like a real experience have been shared by the reviewer.

4. Real account write the reviews
When such highly cautious websites provide their service, its hard to tell whether they are written by a real one or not as the opportunity to write reviews is only given to the active users. That’s how they are able to maintain a sense of the dignity of their service and have been able to collect so much credibility.

5. App earns confidence
Having a set of genuine reviews can possibly give your app a respectable identity. And when your reviews are being received positively by the users, out of 1.8 billion apps very few are able to reach that place, then you have definitely earned a position among so many others.

6. Timely service at reasonable price
When your demands are delivered within time and without any complaint, it's quite a satisfactory experience to have. At the top of it, as a developer, you don't have to spend much and get quality service at affordable price.

7. A noticeable improvement in number of downloads

According to the customer experience, those who have opted to buy reviews have ended up with more uber of downloads the before, which is the ultimate goal of any developer. Buying reviews isn’t a bad idea at all, it's helping many apps to establish their dominance in the market. 
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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Best 5 Random Domain Name Generators for perfectionists!

Undoubtedly, choosing a perfect domain name for your online brand is a tricky task. Just think about how many times you made up your mind on a certain domain name and searched for it, you tried to purchase it and what- the domain is busy. Obviously, it is frustrating.

The domain name that you choose can make or break your entire online business. You need to consider several factors before purchasing a domain. You need to find a perfect name for your baby right away- something memorable, short and catchy, Something that is able to describe what your brand is in just few letters. Remember the name that you choose forms the basis of your overall marketing and advertising strategies.

Hence take all the time you need to select for a perfect domain name that matches your business also. But what if the domain you made up your mind upon is already busy?

A busy domain may already be associated with some active website or it might be purchased to sell for higher prices. You won’t believe but there is an entire industry for that. So when you see the domain is busy, you have 4 options:

  • You can contact to domain owner to try buying it from him.
  • Ask someone to search for you the domain on sites like fiverr.
  • Continue searching in the same way or try another way .

Other than these traditional methods of booking a domain you can try backordering a domain of your choice. Getting a high quality expired domain is a boon. Since I am an Indian, I always keep looking for .in domain backordering tool to backorder a domain that I like and is about to expire very soon.

Now let’s focus on the purpose of this article i.e. discussing the various domain name generator tools. Here is a list of some cool and catchy business name generators to help you with brainstorming. Let’s have a look.

1. Lean Domain Search

This is one of my favorite domain name generator tool. Using the tool is not at all difficult with all you need to do is to enter the keyword in the search bar and click on, “search domains” icons. The results can vary from a few domains to thousands of domains, all with a .com suffix. The tool also lets you

  • Sort your results based on the length, alphabetical order and popularity.
  • Add domains you like to favorites.
  • Share the domain names on social media networks to gain more opinions.
  • Perform domain availability check
  • Register a domain directly through numerous vendors.

2. Shopify business name generator

Shopify business name generator

This amazing domain name generator lets you search for a free domain. All you need to do is to submit your keyword in the search bar and click. Here you will find numerous domains that are available for instant purchase, and not just for .com

3. Namemesh


The versatility offered by this tool might get you confused. To begin with, you can type 1-2 words and go through each result one by one once you hit the Enter. Some of the lists you get are:

  1. Common: Here you can check the availability of TLDs along with hyphenated version of your keywords.
  2. Similar: Here you are provided with the synonyms, antonyms, similar words and many other options.
  3. SEO: Here you get suffix, prefix and derived words.
  4. Many more.

NameMesh is undoubtedly a great place to find your desired domain name. All that you need is a bit of extra time to go through all possible names.

4. Namestall


When it comes to find a great domain name, no one gives you as much as flexibility as Namestall. With the tool, you can easily get your keyword either in the starting or ending of your domain name. From various TLDs to being country specific, you have a lot to choose from. You can also select from the huge group of words or numbers.

5. Panabee


Panabee is another very effective domain name generator tool that lets users generate domain name or business name while also allows to check availability of a domain name. The tool recommends at least 2 words in the keyword bar and the next thing you get is a whole list of various business names.

If your desired domain name is available, it gives you a whole blue heart but if it is not, you get a broken red heart.

So friends, which one of these have you tried? Let us know in the comments below.
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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Most Popular Company Slogans: Know How You Can Write Yours!

Think of the brands that you love and tell me what you recall. Most probably it’s not just the brand name that came in your mind, You might also start recollecting their famous slogans. Yeah, brand slogans are most likely to catch attention if written well.

Good slogans are a part of your branding exercise, don’t you think so?
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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How To Get Influential Customer Testimonials (Examples inside) !

Did you ever try to count on the marketing claims you made on your website? Did you notice how many times you described your business as easy, smart, reliable, effective and a trusted solution? Are there dozens of claims? Ten? Twenty? Or more?

Now try this: Open your website and count the number of times you reinforced these claims with solid evidences. Count how many data points, statistics, case studies and testimonials you have added to support these claims. Are there so many of these? Five? Zero?

Possibly, there are not a lot. Well the point is “Every marketing claim should be well supported by an honest evidence.” And customer testimonials in this way are the easiest and the most effective evidence for your website to be trustworthy.

Here you’ll have detailed insights about customer testimonials. This article will answer your so many questions such as why customer testimonials are important, what questions you should ask, how a customer testimonial should be written and some great testimonial example for business.
So let’s start our learning!

Why customer testimonials are effective?

It’s the tendency of customers that they trust their fellow customers more than the  business owner. That is why adding customer testimonials to a website is effective. Even stats says that inclusion of customer testimonials can improve a business conversion rate by 34%.

Great testimonials not only strengthens people’s belief in your product and services but it also proves legitimacy of your brand. Website testimonials acts as the social proof for your business. Basically, there are two kinds of social proofs one is client testimonials and second is data and statistics. Well both are good at their places to build a compelling website but start with testimonials.

How to get influential Customer Testimonials - Examples inside

Don’t mix the concept of website testimonials with endorsement. While a testimonial is an authentic review from a client or a customer, An endorsement is typically a well known influencer offering their public support to a brand.

How to get Testimonials?

You can either ask your customers for feedback or can note their reviews as they flow past. The first approach is better and second one is easy.

Asking for testimonials:

Begin with your super fans. Identify your happiest clients and customers and I am sure they won’t mind your request for testimonials. Here is an example email to request for a testimonial from your valuable prospects!

How to ask for customer testimonials

Note: If you add something to your website without the approval of the person you are attributing it to, it’s fake. It’s illegal too. But yes, if the person gives approval and makes some edits to your draft then it is real and legitimate also.

So did they say Yes? Great! Now it’s your turn to say Thanks. And don’t write a short email this time. Go overboard on gratitude and if possible also attach a handwritten note, make LinkedIn recommendation and anything that is totally unexpected but beneficial for your customer.

Stay vigilant for Testimonials!

Eventually, Testimonials or feedback happen everyday in various forms. Or at least we get some footprints. It’s the responsibility of a marketer to know how to spot these footprints. Here are some examples of what a footprint can look like:

  • Grateful email messages:  welldone guyz! You did a fantastic job!
  • Social media love: You guyz are amazing! Keep up the good work!
  • Handwritten thank you notes: I just wanted to let you know that It’s been great working with you!
  • Gushing in-person gratitude: You’ve been so great, is there anything I can do for you?

The key thing is to observe these effective spots that you receive time to time. So keep noting them and ask the sender if they won’t mind using their words for your website.

In addition of these you can also ask some questions from your prospects to draft convincing testimonials. Let’s have a look!

  1. What hurdles did you face while buying this product?
  2. How did you find our products?
  3. What features did you like the most in our product?
  4. Can you name three main benefits of our product?
  5. Would you recommend our product any further?
  6. Is there anything else you want to add?

So now when you have their words in hand, you need an expert to write them. The grace of testimonials entirely depends upon the person who is writing it. Here are some tips that can help you in writing persuasive customer testimonials.

Keep it short!

People usually don’t prefer to read a long story, they easily get bored of them. Don’t fix the word limit for your testimonials making them look like fake but yes don’t stretch them too long. I  would suggest mix up the length and keep it short.

A simple testimonial example can look like this:

Customer Testimonial example 1

Demonstrate a benefit!

Testimonials are meant to showcase how your service improved a client’s life. They are aimed to display your potential clients who are pleased with your product and services. Hence to get a convincing testimonial, you can ask your prospects why they wanted to hire you, what was the obstacles they were struggling with and how you have helped them.
See the below client testimonial:

Customer Testimonial example 2

Make use of pictures!

Undeniably, photos make a fact and statement more believable. So use a face and a name to your lead testimonials rather than simply putting a text on the page. Many people practice the use of short video testimonials of customers on their website and a photo of client can make it more convincing.
Look at the below example of testimonial!

Customer Testimonial example 3

Keep it direct!

Try to put the most impactful statement at the beginning. If your customer doesn’t provide it in that way then edit it and fill it with the most convincing words, So when people read just few words, they get the meaning quickly. Here is an example testimonial which is shorter and without some extra words at the beginning.

Customer Testimonial example 4

Keep it authentic!

When you say it, it is marketing. But when they say it, it is authentic. When you write something about your business, people know it. And you can’t help it. But when your audience says it, it is kind of candid even blunt also. No matter how expert you are in your niche, it is hard to write a copy as authentic as your customer can.

See the below example:

Customer Testimonial example 5

Special Note: Don’t limit your testimonials to your testimonial page or home page, in fact spread them throughout your website so that wherever your visitor lands, he or she can know about your excellent services.

So take the most out of your customer reviews and feedbacks and let me know if you have some unique ways you’ve used while writing testimonials that worked for you.
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