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How channelizing works for customers in gaining profits


Channelizing simply means directing something through a tunnel. Just like a supermarket where customers enter in bulk and gets distributed to different sections of the market.
Businesses have now implemented this methodology which isn't that strange as you are precepting at this point of the post.

After getting hit by technological revolution, many changes have been adapted into by businesses. Some vary with time, some are temporary and some are permanently adopted to core like CRM.
Property of channelizing was adopted as a core and implemented, it generated great results.

What made channelizing so important?
As stated, channelizing is directing something to a channel. Channelizing helps is pushing customers to right direction, separating  them into different groups.
Taking example of a supermarket, where many customer visit to buy their necessities. Once they enter, they are welcomed by cash counter and an attendant to guide them to different departments of the store.
On the other hand, some customers know their right way, so as they enter, they automatically head towards department.

Here supermarket has made different channels for baby care, cosmetics, groceries etc.  pushing right customers to right groups.

How businesses are channelizing via technology?
Businesses have opted for an identity management platform which helps them in managing and knowing their customers better.
How an identity management platform works is that it simplifies user registration processes and generates insights out of those registrations.
Insights generated are based on user interests, likes and other data points.

According to generated insights, business can know about the variety of their customer base.
Once analyzed and grouped, they can easily decide on who to approach, how to approach and who needs to be discarded. These insights are like in-depth results, just like knowing a customer in person.

Channeling differential customers to different channels ensures time and resource saving, yielding to profits and quality customers.
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WordPress Theme Anatomy

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WordPress is one of the famous CMS in the world. It's adoption has been increasing every year. Major reason behind so much popularity is it's user friendliness and easy implementation.

During making changes to WordPress site, there rise need for making changes in WordPress core files. Above is an info-graphic for core files and their functions along with it.
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Understanding cloud computing stack

Cloud computing is a broad term used to describe a broad range of services. Cloud computing,  often referred as cloud is the operation of storing, managing and processing data online rather than opting it on own devices and networks.
Cloud requires internet as medium of communication.

Cloud is a broad collection of services so everyone can use it according to their need. It also comes with types of environment suitable for every type of need. Environments defined is Public Cloud, Private cloud, Dedicated Servers and Hybrid Cloud. Based on the need of performance and budget, these environment serves their best serving their type.

Cloud Computing is often described as a stack, as a response to the broad range of services built on top of one another.  It empowers end users to utilize parts of bulk resources which can be acquired quickly and easily upon request.
The diagram above depicts a cloud computing stack.
There are three distinct categories in cloud: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service(PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

SaaS: SaaS is where a software which can be deployed on internet. With different licensing options like on demand, subscription based, pay-as-you-go or free to use, SaaS applications can be accessed using a web browser via internet. In short SaaS applications are designed for end-users. Online platforms like customer identity and access management, CRM etc are some pure SaaS based platforms mostly used by businesses.

PaaS: PaaS is a computing platform that allows the development of web applications quickly and easily, without buying and maintaining the software and infrastructure underneath it. PaaS enables development of web applications which requires special hardware and software requirements and saves users from installing hardware and software inhouse. Some successful examples of PaaS are, Windows Azure,,, Google App Engine etc.

IaaS: IaaS is a way of delivering Cloud Computing infrastructure. Clients instead of buying resources like servers, storage, network and operating inhouse,  it buys those resources as a fully outsourced service on demand  It comes with two sub-categories to choose from. Public Cloud and Private cloud. In a public cloud, a resource pool is shared and common for all the users but in a private cloud, a single pool of resource is dedicated.
Examples are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco Metapod, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Though Iaas and PaaS seem to like a single entity but they are different at configuration and core level.

Understanding a cloud computing stack is necessary for everyone who is looking for opting cloud service for their needs.
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Kids - Camp and Bedbugs - How to avoid bringing them home

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Kids in camp? Don't welcome home more than your kids when they return!

We all know that any time people congregate in close quarters there is a higher likelyhood of contracting things like a cold or even the flu. When it comes to kids, lice is often a problem. These days, we have one more thing to worry about when welcoming our kids home from summer camp... Bed bugs!

In days past, welcoming your children home from overnight camp consisted of lots of hugs, kisses, stories of adventure and tonnes of laundry to be done. A quick check of half-healed scrapes and a bit of Polysporin was the extent of the 'post-camp checkup' and all was good in the world once again. However, these days - one more check must be done!

Overnight camps are usually set up with cabins that house roughly 8 to 10 kids per cabin in addition to the 'common areas' equipped with large seating and meeting areas. If just ONE camper arrives to camp with the requisite impregnated female bed bug it won't have taken long to infest the entire cabin that the camper resided in over the summer. The likelihood of infestation of some of the common areas is also quite high which means that your child may have been exposed and could possibly have brought bed bugs back with him or her.

Avoid bringing bed bugs into your house!

Okay, easy to say but how easy is it to actually do? Follow the points below to avoid brining bed bugs into your house when the kids return from summer camp:

1) Do not allow the kids to enter your home after picking them up from the camp bus before removing ALL clothing in the garage beforehand.

2) Bag the clothing - ALL OF IT - including shoes and seal the bags tightly

3) Hurry the kids into the house and right into a hot bath or shower (they're probably filthy anyhow and need a good clean after 4 weeks of unsupervised hygiene)

4) Any articles that they brought home that cannot be laundered should be washed thoroughly outside with soap and water.

5) If possible, take all of the bagged laundry articles to your nearest laundromat and wash with hot water and dry for at least one hour on 'high'. Make sure to wash and dry the duffle bag too!!!

6) Use new bags (or the thoroughly washed and dried duffle bag) to bring your laundry articles home with you.

Even by taking the appropriate steps it is possible that your home may still become infested so keep an eye out for the following in the three weeks following the return of your children to get rid of bed bugs:

1) Watch for a newly developed 'rash' appearing on your child's body

2) Keep a lookout for any itchy, red bites that may appear in groups of two, three or more

3) Inspect your child's bed, mattress and surrounding areas for signs of bed bugs that might appear.

Finally, if you want to be really sure that your child has not brought bed bugs home from camp you can have a bed bug inspection performed by a specially trained dog. Extremely accurate and reasonably priced, a K-9 bed bug inspection is some that people are turning to more each year to ensure that their precious little ones are the only ones spending the night at home after a long four weeks away.

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Saving WordPress websites from getting lost in crowd

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Web Design world has gone through various changes since previous year. Lots of new technologies have been introduced, upgraded and discarded improving standards of web design.

Web design itself has many components which make a perfect website mainly audio, video, images, animations, flash etc. Traditionally it takes up a lot of time for a website to develop. First its initial design needs approval, after approval designer  designs the website and if there is any dynamic content then web developer gets into action.

WordPress is CMS which makes things very easy for a web design noob or person who does not know web design. WordPress was first introduced as a blogging platform for bloggers but nowadays WordPress is used for designing websites of various niches.

A freshly created WordPress website is clean as a slate, only basic functionalities are there and it does not look much attractive too. Let's discuss some of the tips to enhance your WordPress site and making it unique from other websites.

Social Login: Social Login as name suggests allows users to authenticate using social profiles. It also cuts down pain of remembering secure passwords and filling up forms. Benefit for webmaster here is that they mostly are getting verified users on their websites compared to overall users.

Social Sharing Plugin: Sharing plugin helps in sharing website’s sharable content on social media. Sharing on social media increases chances of content to reach to mass audience. Social media has a potential scope for acquiring  audience  by content, hence it is mandatory of a WordPress to have a sharing plugin.

Caching Plugin: Caching plugins are very much important to increase website’s speed. How it works is it caches static content of your website and cuts off time which is required to fetch static content dynamically. For fetching every content dynamically separate queries have to be made hence increasing website loading time. Decrease in number of queries increases website loading time, less the queries less be the loading time.

Go on and implement above suggestions and save your site from getting lost in crowd.
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What are conversions and how they can be improved

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If you are into WWW world, either as a creator or a business using WWW for selling their product or service, ‘conversions’ is a term which is mostly used rarely by developers and occasionally by marketers. For web properties, conversions is a very very important terms which can define profits and loss.
Conversion metrics are gold to marketers, and these metrics are variable. It is based on requirement to compare two or more metrics and generate a resultant conversion report. For different industries and properties, conversion metrics vary.

Conversion metrics are directly related to sales or revenue generation. Here is a list of conversion metrics you should focus on as an online business or service provider.

What are conversions?
Conversions is a common word which is used in many genres. If we specifically talk about marketing, conversion is anything which makes someone to respond to call to action with intention to generate a Lead or sale.

Conversion techniques are implemented in order to fulfil a conversion goal, primarily a lead or a sale. Below we will be discussing some of the tactics which can help improving conversions.

Add a Social Sharing Button to your website. It encourages your visitors to share website’s content on their social media profile. This won’t directly generate a conversion but will definitely help a non-customer to sign up as they will see a known suggesting something, which will help in gaining a level of trust.

Creating Custom Conversion Landing pages for different conversion goals. It is above traditional web designing for particular niche of business. Now visitors are served a custom landing page, either as homepage or a landing page to any marketing process which encourages users to convert to a lead or customer.

Implementing these suggestions will definitely increase conversions on your website.
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4 strange landing page conversion tips!


Your well-optimized  hosting landing pages are the fundamental and of course undeniable part of your successful inbound marketing strategy. These well optimized landing pages are the hub of all your lead generation efforts that’s why all your campaigns and strategies revolve around a custom landing page of your website rather than an ambiguous Home page where visitors have to guess what to do next.

So having number of landing pages can drastically increase your lead generation rates but only having a landing page is not enough. It also needs to look good to perform well. Well now it can be understood how challenging great design can be especially if you are not a designer. But don’t worry here I am making things a bit easier for you by sharing some of my tactics to build good looking and high converting landing pages. So let’s binge it!

Trick #1: Offer pre-filled form fields!

A pre-filled form can be spooky. Since these pre filled forms know about your leads and use that information to fill in the relevant fields. This can be anything like a single field for example their email addresses or the first names. With these pre filled forms all that users need to do is just a click on your CTA button. Trust me this cause an amazing increase in your leads.

Trick #2: Use Pop-Ups instead of full forms!

A single clickable button or a full length form- which will convert better? Obviously a click only will convert better even if it pops up. But how does it make sense?
The fact is that people do not want to make a commitment. By allowing them to click a CTA button, you can effectively convert your potential users into valuable customers.

Trick #3: Dynamic Text Replacement!

Well when words starts to spell themselves out, or when these words start changing on the page things got more scary than ever.  These dynamic text changing can help to increase landing page conversions. You can personalize your landing page appearance by customizing the text appeared on it based on what you know about your visitors.

Trick #4: Don’t forget to include Social Sharing!

Social media share buttons is definitely a wise choice to add upon your landing page. But what’s important is not the number of widgets you add but the quality of these added widgets i.e. the customer base those independent widgets represents.

So these are my strange but effective tricks to improve my landing conversion rate. If you any other point then do mention it in the comment box below.
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