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Make use of Free WordPress to get real Facebook likes!

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A great fan following on Facebook is what every business owner desires for today. And how amazing it is that you are just sitting back and noticing the increasing counts on your fan page. Well this is not an imagination, you can get it easily with just some smart efforts. As getting a page built and wish visitors will come is not today’s thing, Getting a real fan following requires more.

With this blog post I am highlighting 3 most effective tips to get more Facebook likes using WordPress that too without spending a single penny. So just hold on and dive into the details!

Ask for a Facebook like using a lightbox Popup!

This is I guess the most common approach to ask your visitors to like your Fan page. Well, this is an half and half situation that can make your deal or can break it. If you slap a popup in front of your site visitors as soon as they arrive on your web page, this will surely irritate them. But if you represent this lightbox before they leave the website then there are more chances to get the deal done. You can also set the time interval after which you want to display your lightbox popup.

The internet is filled with so many options for having a lightbox popup, Go for the one that best suits your requirements.

Don’t forget to include social sharing buttons on your blog posts!

C’mon, we all are aware of the importance of these WordPress social media plugin that allows people to share your content worldwide. But don’t place it all over your website, this is just useless. So be wise and choose your best destination that you find more sensitive from user perspectives and place there these social share buttons. Also bombarding your website with limitless social media platforms is another foolish thing. Just limit yourself to add only those platforms that are relevant to your niche and where most of your current customers are interacting with each other.

Redirect your subscribers to like your page!

Asking your subscribers to like your page is one of the most creative ways to increase your Facebook likes. But don't opt the same methods of email confirmation, despite of this thanks them for subscribing and give them a link to like your facebook page. Believe me, this is the most efficient technique to convert your subscribers into valuable fans.

Well options are numberless and I am eager to know them from your side. So drop your options here in the comment box below!

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Signs of Stress: where it hurts?

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Know what are the reasons of your stress and where it hurts the most. What others way stress can hurt you and what is the effect of this stress to the next generation. Learn all these thing via this single image.
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How to write a social media friendly content?

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We already write online content pages or blog posts for our clients but what we found is our content distribution strategy is not that much effective as it should be. So what’s the reason behind this.

I guess content marketing is like riding a huge wave of opportunity and social media platforms are like standing rocks that gives hikes to our overall content distribution strategy. Today companies large and small are waking up to the fact that social media platforms are extremely powerful tools to share your content across the world. These platforms open up a wide range of opportunities to make your content worldly visible. Now you don’t need to wait for the visitors to stumble upon your website to have a look on your content, just sharing your content to your personal social media profiles will get you many new prospects and you surely have an opportunity to convert those prospects into valuable customers.

But to gain this huge exposure across social media giants, you need to create an informative content that is well optimized to share online. Here I am explaining some of the ways by which you can make a highly social media friendly content. So just relax and have a quick look on the mentioned tips:

Write Eye-catching Headlines:

Whether people are browsing their Twitter streams, Email subject line or Facebook feeds they hardly spend 2 minutes on a single post. So to make people more interested in your blog posts try to make more catchy headlines to attract their attention. And I guess adding a funny or emotional touch to the titles is more likely to win the attention of people on social media.

Write about what is new or topical:

Just take an example of TV news or newspapers, they are full of latest updates of the market and I think everyone interacts with them at least once in a day. The same thing you need to do with your blog post. The more latest you write the more your chances to be on the top of social counts.

Add social sharing buttons early on the page:


Make your content distribution more obvious just by adding call to action social sharing buttons either at the top or at the bottom of your content page. Wherever you add these buttons just make sure they are clearly visible to your audience and they do not require much efforts by your readers.

Write more “how to” pages:

Web is the ultimate source of solving all your queries and people mostly surf the internet in search of how to do something. And you can create a text -based solution for such how to queries but this won’t entertain the audience. So what you need to do is to add some multimedia in your blogs. This multimedia can be a video, a gif or an interactive image that is of the interest of the people.

Well all these are my already implemented suggestions that really gave me a good social media reach. If you also have some ways then feel free to deliver them here in the comment box below.

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Benefits of Social Media

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World has faced many changes in Technology and Trends. Trends which change every month or with addition of new technologies. Technology is not dependent but if we talk about IT, most of the changes are in field of communication, how we communicate with each other, how our devices communicate with each other. Nowadays small objects can contact each other like a Toaster or coffee Maker. Though this communication is possible only through microchips but the software part has given them the super power to do more than their potential.

If we talk about social media, the impact can easily be seen, like now we can stream live our video feed, show friends or world what we are doing. A bit of automation can also be seen now as now scheduling our posts is possible and the limit is infinity.

Counting Benefits of Social Media seems outdated now but as the technology has influenced this world too, the benefits also have changed. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Social Media in 2016:

  • Gain valuable customer insights: Social media generates lot’s of user data per day, say it’s posts created, tweets made or videos uploaded, everyday valuable user data is created. Lone gone are the days when even 1000 shares were considered as worthless.  Now Even a single share counts and can become a trending topic on social media.
    With daily engagement data from social media  you can easily know about your customers, their interests, get feedbacks etc. that can help you take decisions.
  • Ability to use Social accounts as login to websites: Now no need of filling up forms to sign up to any site. Now users can use their social accounts to Sign In/Sign Up  to any website. It is a huge benefit for customers as they need not to spend time in filling a signup forms or remembering passwords.
    Due to security reasons, it is recommended to use different passwords for every account, and use non-dictionary words, include alpha numeric patterns. It is very hard to remember such passwords, especially if you have set them up for multiple accounts.
    For marketers, It is a great source of getting customer insights.
  • Find out what your competitors are doing: Social Media Strategy is something which every business has in their Monthly Todo/Revision list. By monitoring competitor's Social Media activity, you can get an idea of your competitors strategies and drive your strategies according to that.
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Overcome Your Password Challenges with Single Sign-On

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Challenges are tough, sometimes you just get lucky , sometimes the opponent does. What will happen if you challenge a challenge itself?...The tougher get’s more tougher !... and almost impossible to complete.
Yes some cases are exactly the same, impossible to accomplish, but some have   alternates, whole new way to accomplish or cope up with them. Such an alternate to multiple passwords is Single Sign On.
Passwords are implemented everywhere, from personal to professional life. ATM pin’s are type of passwords too. World considers itself secure using passwords and  several other  alternatives to passwords like fingerprint scan, retina scan etc. It is assumed the passwords can never die, seems true as they are the only root of security and authentication.

So what challenges are involved with passwords?
  • Password Theft
  • Hack
  • Forgetting of Passwords
  • Insecure Passwords
  • Common Passwords

Above are the most common challenges faced by a normal person on an average. The most common challenge faced is forgetting of passwords and Common passwords.
Generally people are unaware of strong passwords, they choose passwords which they find easy to remember or common.

There is another category of passwords which are easy but secured , like combination of names and birthdate, like paul1987, mydaughterkelly2006. They are considered as secure but once upon social engineering them , they are easy to guess.

For web properties which are  single entity but are somehow connected to each other towards a single goal of providing service to customers, passwords are enemies, as storing and managing them get’s hard plus extra resources are also spent.
Single Sign On provides a usability to such web properties and the owner with different web properties. Single Sign On provides usability to users of logging in to such multiple portals using a single ID.

Once you login to a SSO Enabled portal, you automatically get’s login to other portals also as you open them. It solves the problem of remembering multiple passwords, for every portal...which solved one of the challenges faced while using passwords.

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The Online Marketing Road Map: 12 Steps to Online Marketing Success


There various web marketing tools that are used to enhance your online brand through retooling and improving your digital marketing skills. Here’s a brief overview of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Establishing a Web Presence and Staking Your Claim:
  • Providing a central landing space (i.e. your website or blog), as well as claiming your company name on various social media platforms should be paramount to your online marketing effort, hence it’s the first step. In this step, we’ll outline what you should do to ensure your digital marketing efforts achieve their goals. You can add social sharing buttons to promote your brand. These buttons allow your  users and customers to share your brand with their social media networks.

  • Developing Lead Generation Methods:
  • It’s never too early to start thinking about lead generation.Though most of the activities listed in the other steps will fall under the umbrella of “lead generation”, in this step, we’ll define the strategy that will help guide the efforts of the steps.

  • Perfecting Content Marketing:
  • In this step, we work on crafting your brand’s story and coming up with creative ways to market it in the online space. It’s an important step, as it will generate the content you’ll be pushing through to your other online marketing spaces.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
  • This step will focus on organic ways to draw traffic to your web spaces. By utilizing the power of search engines to deliver visitors, this topic will show what you need to do to help search engines find you and not hinder them.

  • Social Media Marketing:
  • Step six consists of tips on using the social web to market your wares, with emphasis on how to convert traffic on social networks into leads.

  • Email Marketing:
  • Email Marketing can be one of the most powerful tools in your online marketing arsenal, especially since it places a direct link to your customers by giving you their email address and the ability to specifically craft messages for their eyes. It’s also extremely trackable, and can, over time, become your primary means of converting web visitors to customers.

  • Blogging:
  • Focusing on generating leads through the written word with blogging, and sometimes through video with video blogging (blogging) is what step 8 is all about. We discuss how to build a blog, create content, and actively engage your audience in the medium they’re most comfortable with.

  • Podcasting:
  • Podcasting provides another way of engaging your audience in their space, as it lets them choose when and where they consume your message via digital audio files (aka MP3s). It’s also a great way to tap into iTunes users and millions of others who spend tons of hours commuting, thus making for the ideal “captive audience”.

  • Mobile Marketing:
  • Many people are getting to the web first these days through their smartphones or other mobile device. Mobile users are a different animal, in that they’re goals are different and how they search and use the web is different too. In this step, we’ll explore how to make your online marketing efforts accessible to this audience, and provide some strategies that help you tailor your message for them.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization:
  • Establishing a Web Presence is Step 1, but once we get on the web and get more comfortable utilizing the other steps of this process, we’ll get to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), which will focus on enhancing your website and creating landing pages that convert your site’s traffic into active customers in your database.

  • Understanding Analytics:
  • The 12th and final step is where we’ll discuss Analytics and make all of the efforts of the other steps make sense. It’s not the most exciting topic, but it is necessary as we evaluate the success of your online marketing efforts. We’ll show you what tools you need to monitor your progress, and what factors and stats to look at in order to measure your success.

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Transcription tech tools to help you become a prolific writer

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Just yesterday, this technology writer found it easier to get an article written using an iPhone. Yes, all writers have their various processes that help them pump out genuine and interesting articles that are chock full of words – including a wide array of methods for finding their individual muse. Let me explain a few of them to you.

Ironically, there are times when producing essays and news articles seems to flow better when I’m allowed to steal a moment or a half an hour alone and speak the words into my mobile devices, such as I did after garnering time to formulate the piece in my mind two hours prior to speaking it into my cell phone. I’d been able to use the peace and quiet of my health club’s steam room and dry sauna to come up with a large part of the framework of the article, so immediately upon leaving, I fired up my Microsoft Office Mobile app, which allows me to create and access my Word and Excel files on the go, and spoke a good portion of the article into my iPhone.

Transcription tech tools to help you become a prolific writer

Yes, the Microsoft app still needs improvement. It crashes and sometimes delivers extra text in what looks like Japanese characters that I must delete, but I still find it worth the $10.66 I’ve been paying to the Microsoft Corporation monthly for its extended use. That’s because even after my husband has gone to bed, I can still grab my iPad (which uses less light and space than my MacBook Air) and type away into Word documents, creating more and more writing that assists me in truly becoming a prolific author.

I like using the Microsoft Office app even better than my old method of creating text, which entailed using the microphone on my iPhone to send myself emails to my Gmail address, ones that I would then have to open and copy and paste into Word documents once more. At least the process is more streamlined for me to simply create and maintain the documents within Word all along by using the app. The iPad version even gives you added features, like figuring out the word count, and allowing you to access styles such as “Header 1” and “Title” and so on.
If you’re not technically minded, however, all this stuff might seem like too much to handle, so there are other means of getting your words transcribed if you also seem to create more words by speaking them aloud instead of typing them yourself at times. Services like Wizscribe allow users to outsource their transcription needs, whether the words they need transcribed have been recorded on audio or video files. This can be a great timesaver, especially when considering hour-long meetings or 45-minute interviews that you’ve recorded but need them transformed into words as quickly as possible.

So these methods can work not just for writers, but also to help anyone get a plethora of words recorded and transcribed ASAP – whether you’re a lawyer, a cop or the next Shonda Rhimes.

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