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Twitter marketing Tips that you should Follow !

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Making your brand visible on Twitter is no longer an option anymore. As more and more customers are using this platform to communicate with brands and to redress their grievances, it has become customary for marketers and brands to make sure that their brand looks good on this platform. However, making your brand visible on Twitter is not an easy feat by any means. However, here we are going to share some twitter marketing tips that you should be giving a try if you wish to give your brand a makeover on this platform –

Don’t Forget Keywords While Tweeting
Yes, believe it or not, you need to use keywords while tweeting from the official account of your brand. However, don’t go overboard while doing so. A tweet should not look like - #keywords #keyword #keyword etc. Nope that would be considered as spamming. You need to find the sweet spot in between and use optimal amount of keywords within 140 characters limit. The tweet should be natural but at the same time searchable. Don’t use more than two hashtags against keywords within a tweet otherwise it would look somewhat spammy.

Share Useful Content
Don’t post too many promotional tweets as this would irritate your followers. People follow a brand on Twitter only when they find its tweet interesting or informative. Therefore, you need to come up with funny and interesting topics every now and then. Don’t forget to use images, interesting graphs while tweeting as this will help you capture the attention of the audience.

Send Your Followers to Blog and Vice Versa
You need to incorporate links of your blog posts in the tweets as far as possible. If you are posting really great quality articles, you will have to make sure that you are sharing the links of those posts with your twitter followers.
On the other hand, you can encourage blog readers to share quotes and the blog posts on their twitter account by making it easier for them. The best way to do this is by using a wordpress plugin like Open Social Share by Social9 that enables people to share a particular quote or statistic by just clicking on them.

Build Up Relationship
There is no harm communicating with your followers on Twitter. Your followers are the driving force that keeps your brand alive and therefore, you need to show your gratitude to them by showing your love for them every now or then. You should try to nourish the relationship by offering occasional freebies via your Twitter account. Maybe you can send custom message to your followers, wishing them their birthday etc. All these small steps can help you build a solid relationship with your followers.

Help The Followers
As Twitter gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with your followers, you should not be bombarding them with boring updates. You updates need to be interesting and should encourage them to participate. Tweeting is not just about posting funny updates though. It is way more than that. You need to figure out what people are looking for and then post some relevant tweets. For example, if you are a travel agency, you should be tweeting about ‘best place to travel in winter’ etc. You have to be helpful on Twitter that is all we are saying.
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How Customer Identity Management has Evolved in 2016

Businesses are evolving with time and technology. Following a trend of online presence, which has boosted up significantly in past years has made businesses gain interest in Customer Identity Management. For growing interests and technologies, customer identity management platform is set to go through major changes in 2016.

Let’s have a detailed peek at changes that has taken place in CIM in 2016.

Username and passwords are now old-school

A survey conducted by a leading Strategy and Consulting Firm found that customers are now open towards opting alternates of traditional ways of getting access  i.e username and passwords. About 76% of customers wish to participate in Testing and implementation of new form of identification like Biometric, Voice Recognition, single sign-on, password free logins etc.  Social login is still in top priority for identification. Businesses who have opted new ways of identification are already gaining customer’s attention and increased customer base.

First Party Data is Diamond

Future now belongs to First Party Data. First Party Data is the data which is provided by the customers itself via signups or Surveys on social networks . Such data is mostly geniune compared to data provided by Brokers or Government Agencies. Genuinity is defined as correctness of the data till submission date. Incorrect or fabricated data can shake up a business which is based on consumer data like an marketing company or a marketing department. Compared to third party data, first party data is a free resource available on internet and keeps getting updated.

Security as a Bonus. Data storage to comply with country’s Law.

Data Security is now a major challenge after number of increasing breaches from last year to present year. Concern regarding misuse of data has opened ways for innovation and awareness among customers. Companies owning data warehouses in different countries are becoming flexible with rules and regulations keeping in mind user’s privacy restricted to countries or globally, as permitted.
Trending adoption of CIAM and implementation across various various businesses along with integration of new ways of identification like Biometrics and API based security will keep user experience simple yet secure to breach.


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How To Drive Traffic With Social Sharing Buttons

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Social media has brought millions of people together and has emerged as one of the most powerful tool for brand promotion online. Social Sharing is one efficient way that can help businesses to utilize social media to convert their customers into brand ambassadors. Without spending a single penny, social sharing drives you huge referrals which makes it a very effective organic strategy. Now more and more businesses are embracing social sharing buttons on their website to encourage social sharing. In this article we will explore the three effective ways to drive traffic with social sharing buttons :

1. Add social sharing buttons to content :

Social Sharing is all about sharing interesting content no matter in which format whether video, images, slideshares, blogs, ebooks and much more! One should not forget that users are more interested to share specific content that matches with their interests rather than general web page. So by adding social sharing widgets on your content, you are allowing users to share exactly what they want thus improves the chances of getting more social shares. Here are some places you should add social sharing buttons on :

  • Ebooks, guides
  • Video content
  • Images, visuals
  • Blog posts

2. Incorporate social share buttons on landing pages :

The key aim of a landing page is to highlight the specific message by targeting a specific group of users. Not all the visitors of landing pages convert into paid customers, but still a good percentage will love your product and might be comfortable with sharing it within their social networks. But whether they will share it or not, totally depends on where you have placed the sharing widgets. The best recommended way is to try A/B testing to find out what works best for you when it comes to landing page optimization.

3. Induce Social Sharing in email marketing :

Email marketing is the oldest yet one of the most effective marketing technique when you are talking about driving ROI. Most of the businesses invest huge efforts in email marketing and send lots of mails to their subscribers in order to keep them updated with the latest happenings. But did you know that every email that is being opened by your subscriber is a big sharing opportunity for you. By adding social sharing buttons in emails will encourage subscribers to share newsletter content within social networks and you will be able to identify who is sharing your content.

So friends, are you going to follow these tips? If you have any other tip in mind that I forgot to mention, let me know in the comments below.
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3 Ways To Increase Social Shares On Your Blog

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Are your blog posts getting the social media shares that you deserve? Do you want to increase social shares on your blog? The more social shares you get, the higher will be the user engagement on your blog posts. But it is not easy to get huge social media shares on all of your blog posts, but don’t worry! In this article, I am going to help you out with some killer tips to get more social shares on your blog :

1. Add social media commenting :

Nowadays, bloggers are noticing that whenever they post the link to their latest article on their Facebook profiles, fans leave lots of comments on it rather than on the blog post. If the similar thing is happening to you, it is high time you start taking advantage of it. You should replace your original blog commenting system with Facebook commenting as it will integrate the comments from both the blog as well as your Facebook profile. For Twitter, you can do the similar thing with the Twitter mentions as comments plugin. It will work as social proof and encourage users to share your content.

2. Add social sharing buttons :

Now this one seems obvious. Adding Wordpress social sharing buttons will allow users to pass your valuable content within their followers as well as friends. Sharing buttons are the most effective ways to maximize social sharing. Position, size and the selection of social networks play important role here. Floating sharing bar is the one most recommended here. The only thing you need to make sure is that the bar must be easy to scroll and should not be jumpy. Another important factor is size. Make sure the buttons are big enough to be easily found. Last but not the least, choose only those networks where most of your audience hangs out. Don’t confuse users by providing endless choice.

3. Optimize for mobile :

If you analyze your traffic, you must find out that at least 25% of the traffic coming to your blog is via mobile devices which makes it must for you to optimize your website for mobile sharing so that the mobile users can share your content within their social networks on the go. The easier it is to share, the more people will share it.

Do you have any other tips in mind? I would love to know in the comments below.
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Guide To Encourage Social Sharing On Your Blog

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Have you ever wondered how some bloggers are able to achieve hundreds or thousands of social media shares on their content? Well, I did! And I am sure, you must have asked the same question at some point of life, didn’t you? Now you must be thinking social shares are nothing but numbers, well I agree but there are lots of things that happen when you get social shares. Here are some examples :

  • You get more traffic
  • Your email list grows
  • Your social presence improves
  • You get social referrals

And so on.. The benefits are too many! But the real question remains how you can bring more social shares to your blog? Read this article that will explain to you the guide to encourage social sharing on your blog :

1. Create content that users love to share :

Did you know the biggest part of why users will share your content is the content itself. In order to make sure that your content gets shared, you will have to create content on topics, users are talking and sharing about. Find out the latest trends in your niche and select the topic you have best knowledge about. Craft an eye catching headline and write content in the most creative way. Also make use of interesting visuals like images, infographics, videos, etc

2. If you don't ask it, they won’t do it :

The next thing that you need to take care of is to make sure you ask your readers to share content within people known to them as well. Also don’t make your readers work too hard to share your content within their social networks. You can make sharing simple by adding social share buttons on your blog that will make it easier for users to share your content within their social networks using a single click of mouse. My favorite plugin for this purpose is Wordpress social share plugin by Social9. It is free, easy to customize and very lightweight.

3. Add “Click to tweet” style widgets in content :

You might have seen “click to tweet” style widgets on many content sites and there is no doubt they are getting popular day by day. You can use these widgets with some special quotes or statistics within your blog post for impulsive social sharing. There are many plugins you can use to add these widgets or you can do it on your own too with a little bit of coding knowledge.

4. Avoid negative social proof :

Yes, social proof are extremely important. They help you build trust and credibility but only if they are positive. A negative social proof is worse than no proof. Let’s talk about social share counter. If you are getting too many shares, adding social share counter will tell users that your content is engaging so many people. But if very few or almost zero people have shared your content, then showing social share counter will build negative image. You can prevent this situation by allowing share counter to show up only if the share number matches or exceeds a specific number.

5. Make visuals shareable :

As I said above, you must add interesting visuals within your content. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and we all know how images get maximum shares on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. So make sure that along with adding social shares within blog posts, you add social share buttons on visuals as well.

Do you have any other tip in mind? I would love to hear in the comments below.
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How To Maximize Social Shares For Your Content

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Sharing is caring, we all know. With the role social media is playing in our personal as well as professional lives, it has become must for bloggers to include social media in its marketing strategies. You might have written an awesome piece of content but if it is not being exposed among the right audience, all your efforts will go in vain. In this article I am going to help you out with some quick tips to maximize social shares for your content :

1. Create infographics :

No matter you are creating an ebook, report or blog post series, creating an infographic out of the key stats and valuable information will be beneficial for you. People love sharing attractive visuals. Do you know infographics are the most frequently shared content type. The reason being users love visual content. We all know a picture is worth more than a hundred words. So if  you want to attract more shares, craft some interesting infographics.

2. Create lists :

Nobody wants to read a long boring blog post of 1500 words. You gotta make it interesting in order to convince users to read and share it. Most of the bloggers are well aware that making lists into blog posts is very effective but do you know there are some number patterns out there that work better than others. For eg, the number 10 has the highest impact on the number of shares it gets.

3. Share on peak timings :

Quite simple, yet most often ignored by most of the bloggers. All you need to do is to analyze where most of your target audience hangs out and what are the timings. Sharing content on peak timings can result you in as much as 39% rise in traffic from social media. No social media network witnesses same engagement all the time. Every social media network has fixed timings when it sees the most engagement. You need to find out the peak timings of your target social media networks and schedule posts accordingly.

4. Add social share buttons :

Apart from sharing content on social media profiles, you also need to incorporate social share buttons into your website as well. Try Wordpress Social Share plugin on your website that will allow your users to share your content within their social networks using a single click of mouse. Adding social sharing buttons not only brings you maximum social shares, but also improves your social media presence.

So friends, do you have any other tip in mind? I would love to know in the comments below.
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