Friday 11 November 2016

Saving WordPress websites from getting lost in crowd

Web Design world has gone through various changes since previous year. Lots of new technologies have been introduced, upgraded and discarded improving standards of web design.

Web design itself has many components which make a perfect website mainly audio, video, images, animations, flash etc. Traditionally it takes up a lot of time for a website to develop. First its initial design needs approval, after approval designer  designs the website and if there is any dynamic content then web developer gets into action.

WordPress is CMS which makes things very easy for a web design noob or person who does not know web design. WordPress was first introduced as a blogging platform for bloggers but nowadays WordPress is used for designing websites of various niches.

A freshly created WordPress website is clean as a slate, only basic functionalities are there and it does not look much attractive too. Let's discuss some of the tips to enhance your WordPress site and making it unique from other websites.

Social Login: Social Login as name suggests allows users to authenticate using social profiles. It also cuts down pain of remembering secure passwords and filling up forms. Benefit for webmaster here is that they mostly are getting verified users on their websites compared to overall users.

Social Sharing Plugin: Sharing plugin helps in sharing website’s sharable content on social media. Sharing on social media increases chances of content to reach to mass audience. Social media has a potential scope for acquiring  audience  by content, hence it is mandatory of a WordPress to have a sharing plugin.

Caching Plugin: Caching plugins are very much important to increase website’s speed. How it works is it caches static content of your website and cuts off time which is required to fetch static content dynamically. For fetching every content dynamically separate queries have to be made hence increasing website loading time. Decrease in number of queries increases website loading time, less the queries less be the loading time.

Go on and implement above suggestions and save your site from getting lost in crowd.
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