Monday 29 August 2016

Overcome Your Password Challenges with Single Sign-On


Challenges are tough, sometimes you just get lucky , sometimes the opponent does. What will happen if you challenge a challenge itself?...The tougher get’s more tougher !... and almost impossible to complete.
Yes some cases are exactly the same, impossible to accomplish, but some have   alternates, whole new way to accomplish or cope up with them. Such an alternate to multiple passwords is Single Sign On.
Passwords are implemented everywhere, from personal to professional life. ATM pin’s are type of passwords too. World considers itself secure using passwords and  several other  alternatives to passwords like fingerprint scan, retina scan etc. It is assumed the passwords can never die, seems true as they are the only root of security and authentication.

So what challenges are involved with passwords?
  • Password Theft
  • Hack
  • Forgetting of Passwords
  • Insecure Passwords
  • Common Passwords

Above are the most common challenges faced by a normal person on an average. The most common challenge faced is forgetting of passwords and Common passwords.
Generally people are unaware of strong passwords, they choose passwords which they find easy to remember or common.

There is another category of passwords which are easy but secured , like combination of names and birthdate, like paul1987, mydaughterkelly2006. They are considered as secure but once upon social engineering them , they are easy to guess.

For web properties which are  single entity but are somehow connected to each other towards a single goal of providing service to customers, passwords are enemies, as storing and managing them get’s hard plus extra resources are also spent.
Single Sign On provides a usability to such web properties and the owner with different web properties. Single Sign On provides usability to users of logging in to such multiple portals using a single ID.

Once you login to a SSO Enabled portal, you automatically get’s login to other portals also as you open them. It solves the problem of remembering multiple passwords, for every portal...which solved one of the challenges faced while using passwords.

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