Wednesday 3 August 2016

The Online Marketing Road Map: 12 Steps to Online Marketing Success


There various web marketing tools that are used to enhance your online brand through retooling and improving your digital marketing skills. Here’s a brief overview of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Establishing a Web Presence and Staking Your Claim:
  • Providing a central landing space (i.e. your website or blog), as well as claiming your company name on various social media platforms should be paramount to your online marketing effort, hence it’s the first step. In this step, we’ll outline what you should do to ensure your digital marketing efforts achieve their goals. You can add social sharing buttons to promote your brand. These buttons allow your  users and customers to share your brand with their social media networks.

  • Developing Lead Generation Methods:
  • It’s never too early to start thinking about lead generation.Though most of the activities listed in the other steps will fall under the umbrella of “lead generation”, in this step, we’ll define the strategy that will help guide the efforts of the steps.

  • Perfecting Content Marketing:
  • In this step, we work on crafting your brand’s story and coming up with creative ways to market it in the online space. It’s an important step, as it will generate the content you’ll be pushing through to your other online marketing spaces.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
  • This step will focus on organic ways to draw traffic to your web spaces. By utilizing the power of search engines to deliver visitors, this topic will show what you need to do to help search engines find you and not hinder them.

  • Social Media Marketing:
  • Step six consists of tips on using the social web to market your wares, with emphasis on how to convert traffic on social networks into leads.

  • Email Marketing:
  • Email Marketing can be one of the most powerful tools in your online marketing arsenal, especially since it places a direct link to your customers by giving you their email address and the ability to specifically craft messages for their eyes. It’s also extremely trackable, and can, over time, become your primary means of converting web visitors to customers.

  • Blogging:
  • Focusing on generating leads through the written word with blogging, and sometimes through video with video blogging (blogging) is what step 8 is all about. We discuss how to build a blog, create content, and actively engage your audience in the medium they’re most comfortable with.

  • Podcasting:
  • Podcasting provides another way of engaging your audience in their space, as it lets them choose when and where they consume your message via digital audio files (aka MP3s). It’s also a great way to tap into iTunes users and millions of others who spend tons of hours commuting, thus making for the ideal “captive audience”.

  • Mobile Marketing:
  • Many people are getting to the web first these days through their smartphones or other mobile device. Mobile users are a different animal, in that they’re goals are different and how they search and use the web is different too. In this step, we’ll explore how to make your online marketing efforts accessible to this audience, and provide some strategies that help you tailor your message for them.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization:
  • Establishing a Web Presence is Step 1, but once we get on the web and get more comfortable utilizing the other steps of this process, we’ll get to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), which will focus on enhancing your website and creating landing pages that convert your site’s traffic into active customers in your database.

  • Understanding Analytics:
  • The 12th and final step is where we’ll discuss Analytics and make all of the efforts of the other steps make sense. It’s not the most exciting topic, but it is necessary as we evaluate the success of your online marketing efforts. We’ll show you what tools you need to monitor your progress, and what factors and stats to look at in order to measure your success.

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