Monday 13 June 2016

How Customer Identity Management has Evolved in 2016

Businesses are evolving with time and technology. Following a trend of online presence, which has boosted up significantly in past years has made businesses gain interest in Customer Identity Management. For growing interests and technologies, customer identity management platform is set to go through major changes in 2016.

Let’s have a detailed peek at changes that has taken place in CIM in 2016.

Username and passwords are now old-school

A survey conducted by a leading Strategy and Consulting Firm found that customers are now open towards opting alternates of traditional ways of getting access  i.e username and passwords. About 76% of customers wish to participate in Testing and implementation of new form of identification like Biometric, Voice Recognition, single sign-on, password free logins etc.  Social login is still in top priority for identification. Businesses who have opted new ways of identification are already gaining customer’s attention and increased customer base.

First Party Data is Diamond

Future now belongs to First Party Data. First Party Data is the data which is provided by the customers itself via signups or Surveys on social networks . Such data is mostly geniune compared to data provided by Brokers or Government Agencies. Genuinity is defined as correctness of the data till submission date. Incorrect or fabricated data can shake up a business which is based on consumer data like an marketing company or a marketing department. Compared to third party data, first party data is a free resource available on internet and keeps getting updated.

Security as a Bonus. Data storage to comply with country’s Law.

Data Security is now a major challenge after number of increasing breaches from last year to present year. Concern regarding misuse of data has opened ways for innovation and awareness among customers. Companies owning data warehouses in different countries are becoming flexible with rules and regulations keeping in mind user’s privacy restricted to countries or globally, as permitted.
Trending adoption of CIAM and implementation across various various businesses along with integration of new ways of identification like Biometrics and API based security will keep user experience simple yet secure to breach.


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