Tuesday 26 July 2016

Twitter marketing Tips that you should Follow !


Making your brand visible on Twitter is no longer an option anymore. As more and more customers are using this platform to communicate with brands and to redress their grievances, it has become customary for marketers and brands to make sure that their brand looks good on this platform. However, making your brand visible on Twitter is not an easy feat by any means. However, here we are going to share some twitter marketing tips that you should be giving a try if you wish to give your brand a makeover on this platform –

Don’t Forget Keywords While Tweeting
Yes, believe it or not, you need to use keywords while tweeting from the official account of your brand. However, don’t go overboard while doing so. A tweet should not look like - #keywords #keyword #keyword etc. Nope that would be considered as spamming. You need to find the sweet spot in between and use optimal amount of keywords within 140 characters limit. The tweet should be natural but at the same time searchable. Don’t use more than two hashtags against keywords within a tweet otherwise it would look somewhat spammy.

Share Useful Content
Don’t post too many promotional tweets as this would irritate your followers. People follow a brand on Twitter only when they find its tweet interesting or informative. Therefore, you need to come up with funny and interesting topics every now and then. Don’t forget to use images, interesting graphs while tweeting as this will help you capture the attention of the audience.

Send Your Followers to Blog and Vice Versa
You need to incorporate links of your blog posts in the tweets as far as possible. If you are posting really great quality articles, you will have to make sure that you are sharing the links of those posts with your twitter followers.
On the other hand, you can encourage blog readers to share quotes and the blog posts on their twitter account by making it easier for them. The best way to do this is by using a wordpress plugin like Open Social Share by Social9 that enables people to share a particular quote or statistic by just clicking on them.

Build Up Relationship
There is no harm communicating with your followers on Twitter. Your followers are the driving force that keeps your brand alive and therefore, you need to show your gratitude to them by showing your love for them every now or then. You should try to nourish the relationship by offering occasional freebies via your Twitter account. Maybe you can send custom message to your followers, wishing them their birthday etc. All these small steps can help you build a solid relationship with your followers.

Help The Followers
As Twitter gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with your followers, you should not be bombarding them with boring updates. You updates need to be interesting and should encourage them to participate. Tweeting is not just about posting funny updates though. It is way more than that. You need to figure out what people are looking for and then post some relevant tweets. For example, if you are a travel agency, you should be tweeting about ‘best place to travel in winter’ etc. You have to be helpful on Twitter that is all we are saying.
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