Thursday 26 May 2016

3 Ways To Add Social Media To Your Wordpress Website

Integrating social media to the website is an important part of online marketing. Businesses are trying their best to add social media to their website to maximize the power of social media for business. In this article I am going to share with you three ways to add social media to your Wordpress website :

1. Add social share buttons :

Adding social share buttons on your website provides your users a single click way to share. The importance of social sharing is known to all. Social Sharing is an efficient way to convert your visitors into brand ambassadors. Social Sharing provides you a way to drive huge social media referrals and provides your content the exposure it deserves. Add Wordpress social share widgets to your website. By doing so you provide users a simple way to share content within their social media feeds and improve the chances of getting higher social shares.

2. Add social sign in :

Are you making your visitors go through a long registration process in order to get access to your website? Did you know 75% users leave a website that asks them to fill a long sign up form and even if they stay, most of them end up providing wrong information in the forms, so what do you do? That’s where social sign in helps which lets your visitors sign in using one of their existing social media accounts. Users don’t need to fill the long form, they don’t need to create and remember another new password and you get first party data which is reliable too. Isn’t social login a win-win situation?

3. Add social proof :

Trust is very important. For any business who wants to get success, must work towards brand trust and credibility. Adding social proof can help you there. By adding social proof, you tell your visitors what your existing customers are saying about you, why they chose you and why your visitors should choose you too. Here are some ways to add social proof on site :

  • Embed social media posts and feeds
  • Display customer testimonials
  • Add social counters
  • Showcase case studies

If you have any other tip that I forgot to mention, I would love to hear in the comments below.
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