Monday 6 July 2015

How social login can benefit Ecommerce sites

Social login, also known as Social Sign In or Social Network Login, is a boon to enhance convenience in today’s hectic era. A very simple to use feature, it works great when visitor doesn’t want to go through time consuming traditional registration process. Social login saves users time by letting them sign in using their existing social identity.

Social Login

One of the major areas where social media login is highly in trend is Ecommerce websites. Here are five reasons why :

  1. No fatigue of creating new account :

    The point is self-explanatory, we all have been through this headache almost daily. Creating new account for every new website by filling those long registration forms are not at all fun and often kill the momentum making visitors leave the website, because c'mon who has got time for this long process when some other website is providing the same products with less time consuming process. No doubt everybody wants social sign in.
  2. Less passwords to memorize :

    How many passwords do you have? I bet the answer must be a lot! Do you remember all of them or are all your passwords strong? I guess not. The more passwords an online user needs to create the easier he will choose and the higher the chances of password being hacked. Apart from that 92% users prefer leaving the website rather than recovering it. That’s where social login comes into the picture as it doesn’t make user create another site specific username and passwords.
  3. Sites get reliable social data :

    Today’s generation is social media savvy. People now provide lot’s of data about themselves on several social media sites and constantly keep updating it. With social login feature, sites can get access to this data. Being collected directly by users, it is highly reliable and can help businesses in various ways.
  4. Personalized user experience :

    With social data like name, image, location, interests, etc, websites now can personalize their website in order to enhance customer experience. Also, by looking social media activity of the user, sites can offer more relevant offers that can convert the user into customer.
  5. You can end up getting some free promoters :

    The additional benefit of using social sign in for ecom sites is that it is free advertisement. People love to flaunt their latest purchases within their networks, no matter online or offline. This can help your business exposure to a grand audience. Social Login is a great way to integrate social media to your website and this fits perfect here.

These are the five reasons why social login is highly in trend for Ecommerce websites. Did I miss any other reason that you think why social logins are popular? Mention in the comments below.
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