Tuesday 30 June 2015

Interior design that is both timeless and trendy

The world of fashion has a strong and direct influence on interior design. Trends from the runway are now reflected in homes. There was a time where interior design trends lagged behind fashion trends by five or six years. This gap has dissolved.

Instant access to sources via the internet has changed life as we know it, including interior design. Today, influencers in interior design are exposed to the same publications, events and insights as fashion designers, causing the worlds of interior design and the worlds of fashion to align.

Incorporating looks from the runway into your home can be exciting. People are free to express their personalities and reflect the hottest styles and trends in their living spaces.
It can also be expensive, and impractical. Trends are like flowers- they add something fresh, bright and happy to a room. Unfortunately, flowers fade, as do trends.

So the question emerges, is it possible to decorate your home in a timeless manner and incorporate the latest trends? If so, the ever elusive “how?”

Approach interior design like fashion

A neutral, elegant backdrop is the perfect canvas for the ever-changing trends of today. Fashion and interior design parallel not only in trends but in approach.

It is popular to broaden one’s wardrobe by investing in quality staples, and then pairing them up with less expensive and more playful accessories and statement pieces that reflect who you are. One can apply this same technique to interior design by designing the expensive essentials of the space in a way that is timeless and flexible so that the freedom to express oneself boldly without reserve is always available.

Soft and soothing hues in bedroom give it a timeless elegant look. Choosing color scheme that is versatile, you can easily pair other fabric and furniture accordingly. No matter you have a modern bedroom or you want a classy one, the palettes can transform the whole way it looks. You can go for fresh colors and clean lines to create illusion of a serene master bedroom.

Interior design that is both timeless and trendy.jpg

In the image above, you can see how crisp king size flat sheet has added the much needed glamour to the room. The addition of an elegant chandelier and gravitas are balancing out the overall elegance.

Give your home a timeless look

In creating a décor that you will love for years, aim for simplicity, subtlety and elegance. Backgrounds, including walls and ceilings, should be neutral. A muted color palette creates a soft, alluring elegance. Keep lines simple, clean and classic. Puffy couches or the extreme opposite of hard lined contemporary sofas date quickly. It is wise to invest in a beautiful, well-made sofa that offers both comfort and clean lines. Natural materials, such as granite, wood, stone and cotton are both beautiful and enduring.

Express yourself

Use accent pillows, throws and flowers to incorporate the feminine Radiant Orchid or drapes, napkins and vases to add splashes of the deeper Royal Blue so hot this fall.

Pantone’s Spring colors may entice you to update your home in cooler, softer hues of Strawberry Ice and Lucite Green. Trendy accent pieces allow flexibility in your décor that can make a dramatic difference to the overall look and feel of your living space.
Be trendy. Be timeless.

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