Thursday 9 January 2014

A Guide to Keek, Let’s get some keekbacks!

Woohoo! What’s with this latest technology? It runs faster than your slim & hot colleague who sprints daily on her treadmill. It makes more moves than your cunning neighbor. It bounds the way your lecturer jumps from his statements. But how is it getting possible? Well, for some people, clock is more than a show piece. They understand the fast tick-tick sound and realize the pace of technology.  We had Youtube, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter but why not posting short videos as our statuses? Hence, KEEK was invented. It’s a free online social networking service which allows posting video status updates which are called keeks. When people reply with their keeks on your post, then they call it keekbacks. Now you know why did I title this blog like this? We can post keeks to the keek website using a webcam or via the Keek mobile apps for iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, orAndroid (operating system).

What makes Keek different is that it focuses on short, personal video uploads. A ‘keek’ can only be 36 seconds long, and is usually uploaded directly from a webcam or Smartphone camera. And it’s not all about public posts, you can privately chat using video or text with up to 36 people at once. Wow! Number 36 rules keek. 36 remind me of figures (grin). By that I mean Statistical figures. You can keep a track of your post’s stat as well. A full fledged graph guides you for this.
If you wake up every morning with a dream to be popular, then Keek can get you there. If your post gets popular, you can be featured in their “popular” tab that appears on the homepage. Recently, Goodbye 2013 videos were a hit. You can check out the last craziest stuff of 2013. By the way, if you are already on the luckier side, I mean if you are popular, then you can opt for account verification. So you will not be at risk of impersonation.
There are two kinds of people in this social networking world (why is it sounding like a bollywood dialogue?). One, who like making new friends at every website they log on to, second, who live a calm life within their cocoon shell of old friends. Keek has feature for both the kinds. You can find new people or you can add your friends from Facebook, twitter or email account. In August 2013 Keek reached a total of 58 million users growing at the rate of 250,000 new users a day. Keek has been the top video app in 18 countries globally.
I hate when my friends reply to my app requests saying “this app not on my platform dudeL”. Although the secret is I enjoy my privilege of having the app. But what’s the fun of being on a social networking app where your own friends are not there? It will not be wrong to state keek as the “God” of modern apps because it’s omnipresent for all the internet geeks. It’s on Ios, windows phone, android and blackberry platforms. We all use hashtags and these are termed as Klusters in Keeky language. So search the popular terms to watch videos related to them
The word “Keek” comes from Middle English and means a look, especially a quick one. I vouch for the smart looks of the webpage. A sci-fi design button lets you post a new keek. Make the whole world see the first walk of your kid; congratulate you for your wedding; compliment your shopping or pamper your pet digitally. Start the keek experience and ya! Don’t forget to receive Keekbacks!
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