Tuesday 24 September 2013

How To Create Multiple User Profiles In Chrome?

Are you flooding your Google Chrome browser with massive list of bookmarks, history, passwords, auto fill form data and apps? Additionally, are you worried if someone else might check your browsing activities and play with your little secrets? If so, I’ll tell you how I got myself free from this situation. Google chrome is my favorite browser and I do surf a lot. I have immense number of bookmarks and favorite websites, passwords and auto fill up form data. Just for an example, to reach the bottom of my bookmark list it needs around ten seconds!
So today in this blog I would be guiding you towards creating multiple users for your single chrome browser. For expert users, this might not be a secret any-more, but for newbies, this will be precious.
How to create multiple user profiles in chrome?
First of all, fire up your chrome and look for the settings icon at the right top corner of chrome. Users with older version of chrome might look up for that typical wrench menu instead.
  • Hit the ‘settings’ link from the menu opened in previous step. This will open up a whole new tab with all the chrome settings.
  • Scroll down to the fifth category i.e. the category which says ‘People’. Then click on ‘Add new people’.
  • On clicking on it, a new window in overlay will appear within your browser with many images for you to choose one for the user profile and a name field below just like this image shown.

  • Below the name field, there is a check box which lets you create a desktop short-cut for the new user to start his/her new chrome profile for browsing with a double click. If you unchecked it, then your chrome won’t install the desktop icon for this profile. In this case, to change the user profile while surfing, you need to open up chrome and look for the user image icon at the top left corner of the chrome window. Click on the icon to open a list of all the user profiles you have created.
  • The user profile which says ‘First user’, is the profile you were using till now i.e. your main profile.You can even edit the user profile with which you are currently using chrome by clicking ‘edit’’ which shows up when you hover upon the respective user profile.
  • Regarding the desktop short-cut icon, I would prefer to let chrome create it because this will really be helpful for other users as their name along with the chrome icon will be visible at the desktop.
    You can even sign into the chrome with your Gmail id to synchronize all your browsing data into your user profile in chrome. Once you sign in, let it be from anywhere like in Antarctica, all your browsing data will appear on the chrome browser.
How to delete user profiles in chrome?
  • For deleting any user profile in chrome, go to ‘settings’ and then ‘people’. There you would see the list of multiple user profiles for chrome. Select the one you wish to delete.
  • Then click on the ‘Delete’ button and confirm the action. Done. Any desktop shortcuts associated with the deleted user profile in chrome will automatically be deleted after performing this action.
This although is a simple thing to do but many people remain unaware of this awesome feature in chrome. Creating multiple user profile in chrome is a must if you want your personal browsing data to be kept aside from your browsing data at workplace. Besides, this also can prove handy if your whole family uses the same chrome for browsing the internet. Make separate profile for each of them and they will enjoy a personal browsing session. Moreover, you can even avoid people from peeping into your secret browsing history (well, this can even save your a** at times!)
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