Friday 17 July 2015

5 ways to integrate social media with ecom site

Social media is one such area where online users spend most of the time now a days and that’s why integrating social media to your ecommerce site will drip additional value to your business.

This article explains here five most effective ways to integrate social media with your ecommerce website :

  1. Offer Social Login :

    Around 86% visitors leave a website on being asked to fill a long registration form before buying the desired product. Social Login is a great solution there. Also known as Social Media login, it allows visitors to use their existing social identity in order to authenticate themselves, eliminating the need to create another username and password.
    The easier it is to sign up, the more people are going to do it thereby boosting sign up rates as well as conversion. Along with simplifying the registration process, social sign in provides businesses access to reliable first party user profile data that can be used to create more targeted marketing campaigns. Other benefits that social login provides are less spam registration, low bounce rates, etc. To know how social login is being used by businesses, check out this report by LoginRadius.
  2. Place Social Sharing buttons on product page:

    It’s human nature that we love to share what we like with the people known to us and sharing our purchases on social media as well as taking opinion from others has become a trend now a days. Placing social sharing buttons on the website has become quite common these days as it benefits the site with increased visibility and higher engagement.
    Social Sharing

    While adding social sharing buttons, make sure to use the most popular social media networks as per your business and audience. Also place these buttons close to the product in order to drive maximum engagement.
  3. Provide social based commenting :

    Offering social based commenting like comment with Facebook, Disqus will help your business in making the experience of commenting more convenient and engaging. Apart from eliminating the hurdles of captcha, it makes the commenting process social.
    Social Commenting

    Social based commenting also has a rating system that indicates the most engaged comment as the top most discussion.
  4. Add social proof on product page :

    When the users arrive on the product page, show them what others are saying about your business and products and why they should choose you. There are numerous ways to integrate social proof on your site but the four most popular ones are as below :
    Social Proof

    a. Embedded social media post
    b. Testimonials
    c. Social Count
    d. Case studies and use cases
  5. Show the list of product that are in trend socially :

    Many of the products of your website are more popular on social media than others so it is essential to highlights those products to your customers in order to convince them to buy it. To that end, you can add a “popular products” section on your website that can help users to find out which products are more popular and trendy on social media.

The age of social media is finally arrived. People are spending time on social media like never before and if you haven’t added these social elements on your site then you are missing out a lot.

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