Thursday 1 June 2017

The Ultimate Plan To "Oh! I Got My Dream Job”!

Dream job, who doesn't want it? After all, this is why we all study and prepare a lot for years. But unfortunately even after so much hard work and time, many of the candidates don’t get the job they are looking for. Many times, guys have settled with a job which is completely unrelated to their profile. Like I have seen MBA finance guys working in marketing fields and mechanical engineers working in sales.

Though, I agree that many times it’s not possible to make choices. But certainly, there are times when you can settle things and take smart moves.

The Ultimate Plan To "Oh! I Got My Dream Job”!

In this article, I will explain to you the very important steps for getting a dream job. So let’s get started guys!

1. Get the necessary skills for your job

So dear freshers, once you have set your goal, the first step is to acquire the required skills and knowledge. For eg, to improve your chances of getting selected, you must have the required educational qualifications. Based on the type of job you are applying, you might need to take a few classes to understand the job or you may even need to enroll into a program to acquire the required degree.

Once you are done with the educational part, the next step is to get the desired skill set.  For your dream job, there must be a specific criteria of skills the ideal candidate should fulfill. While many of the skills you might already be aware of, there will be some others you need to learn. Having these skills will give you a upper hand over your competitors for the same job.

2. Create an eye catching resume

First impression is the last impression, especially when it comes to your CV.  Do you know for every job an average recruiter receives around 250 resumes, among which only 4-5 are called for the interview and 1 is selected.  Another shocking fact, a recruiter spends no more than 30 seconds to decide if the candidate deserves a face to face interview call or not. And that’s where most of the people fail. Some of the common mistakes in CV are:

  • Funny email address like
  • Poor proofreading and silly typo errors
  • Writing inaccurate dates
  • Poor formatting
  • Misleading information
  • Writing biography instead of a resume
  • Too much personal information

Guys, reasons are many! Your resume is your first impression and you must make it right to land into your dream job. The key here is to stand out. Since freshers don’t have much to write in experience section, every resume looks almost same. But with some online fresher resume maker tools like Canva, you can get your hands on some attractive unique resume templates like below. When your resume is this good, it is hard not to get noticed.

3. Apply for the job

This is the most important step and can make a huge difference to your chances of getting your dream job.  Below are some of the basic tips that can help:

  • Get on job sites: These job sites are the first place recruiters look into when they are looking for ideal candidates. So now that you have a nice resume, get on board here and create your profile. Provide all necessary information carefully and apply for the jobs that relate your skills and profile. Some of the common sites are,,, etc.
  • Utilize social media: Dear grads, social media is no longer for fun. Be it Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter, each of the platform comes up with bundle of job opportunities. Therefore, always maintain an active and clean profile over social media. You can also join various jobs specific groups on Facebook and Linkedin to keep yourself updated. Additionally just search #jobs on Twitter and you will be surprised to know the results.
  • Head over to the career office: It is recommended to visit these places at least five times before your graduation. For those who are wondering why, will find out soon. These are the best places to turn yourself into a professional, be it mock interviews or a professional CV or networking. You will learn everything here.
  • Lastly, a “one size-fits all” approach will never help you get through. You can’t send the same resume to every recruiter who comes into your way and expect to get a call back. Make sure to customize your resume everytime you apply for a job. Add relevant skills, remove unnecessary ones. Also don’t forget to add a personalized cover letter along with your job application.

4. Network like a pro

The importance of networking in job searching can never be overrated. Networking is one tool that is going to help in the every step of your career. So forget all your fun activities and start networking now. Get on social media, job posting websites, friends, family, mentors, your seniors, teachers, everyone. Ask questions to everyone and take advice. We all love sharing our ideas and life experiences with upcomers and who knows, some of them might introduce you to some great employers :)

Additionally, do you have any company in mind, you have always dreamt of working for? Write them, show your interest in working with them. You never know, even if there is no walkin now, in future if role comes up, you are already in touch with them. Linkedin is the perfect place to make such connections.

5. Ace the interview

Once you have received the call from recruiter for a face-to-face interview, here comes the best part where you can have a genuine way to express your value for the organization. Do you know 33% of the bosses decide within 90 seconds of meeting if they are going to hire that candidate. Below are some tips to improve your chances here:

  • Practice common interview question: www is filled with potential job interview questions. From the very basic ones to the most specific ones, spend some time to practice them.When you know what is coming your way, your nervousness can take the back seat and you’ll be set for a relaxed interview.
  • Be presentable, be punctual, be organized: An interview is not just about how you are answering the questions, it is also about how you look and how you represent yourself. So guys, BE ON TIME! If some emergency occurs, make sure to convey the information to your interviewer immediately. Have a check on your outfit. You are going for an interview, so make sure to dress up formal. Dear girls, too short or too tight clothes are strict NO. For boys, need I say that showing up to an interview wearing pyjamas and slippers is not ok?
  • Be confident: Getting nervous before interview is quite obvious guys but try to show yourself as an confident candidate. If you know the answer, reply politely and in confident voice, if you don’t know, tell them politely that you don’t know the answer.
  • Study the company and its working: Before interview, spend some time understanding the company, its working, its basic information. Try to collect as much details as you can about your potential employer and their goals, strategies. Having this knowledge will definitely impress your interviewer.
  • Be honest and know your strengths and weakness: Dear grads, you are strictly not allowed to lie in your job interviews. Be honest. Whatever they ask, honestly answer them. Additionally know about your strengths and weaknesses , and practice how you can explain them if they are not so common.
  • Ask right questions: Asking questions is one smart move to get you through. Since you have already studied about their company, ask smart questions that can help you understand their working process in a better way.

6. Follow up

I have seen many graduation sitting idly after an interview and complaining that they didn’t receive any response.  Yes, following up again and again will make you look like a creep but 1 follow-up mail (remember I said, ONE) won’t do any harm.

7. Salary negotiation and joining

If you have got the acceptance, Congratulations guys! Now comes the part of salary negotiation. Grads, this is your first job and yes, money is important but if this is your dream company, your current focus should be on learning and not on money. However, if the salary offered is too low, instead of just rejecting the offer, discuss why this salary is unacceptable to them and then leave them for a day or two. You’ll definitely get the answer.

Lastly, we all work to make a living. So yeah, I could have said that, guys, if it is your dream job, let money take the back seat but that’s not possible. Instead strike a balance guys! Follow these steps carefully and you’ll have both, the dream job and money, your way.

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