Wednesday 14 December 2016

How channelizing works for customers in gaining profits


Channelizing simply means directing something through a tunnel. Just like a supermarket where customers enter in bulk and gets distributed to different sections of the market.
Businesses have now implemented this methodology which isn't that strange as you are precepting at this point of the post.

After getting hit by technological revolution, many changes have been adapted into by businesses. Some vary with time, some are temporary and some are permanently adopted to core like CRM.
Property of channelizing was adopted as a core and implemented, it generated great results.

What made channelizing so important?
As stated, channelizing is directing something to a channel. Channelizing helps is pushing customers to right direction, separating  them into different groups.
Taking example of a supermarket, where many customer visit to buy their necessities. Once they enter, they are welcomed by cash counter and an attendant to guide them to different departments of the store.
On the other hand, some customers know their right way, so as they enter, they automatically head towards department.

Here supermarket has made different channels for baby care, cosmetics, groceries etc.  pushing right customers to right groups.

How businesses are channelizing via technology?
Businesses have opted for an identity management platform which helps them in managing and knowing their customers better.
How an identity management platform works is that it simplifies user registration processes and generates insights out of those registrations.
Insights generated are based on user interests, likes and other data points.

According to generated insights, business can know about the variety of their customer base.
Once analyzed and grouped, they can easily decide on who to approach, how to approach and who needs to be discarded. These insights are like in-depth results, just like knowing a customer in person.

Channeling differential customers to different channels ensures time and resource saving, yielding to profits and quality customers.
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