Monday 23 May 2016

3 Ways To Use Social Media For Customer Acquisition

No matter you are a beginner or running a successful business, there is always one question that keeps striking minds, how can we acquire more customers? Finding new customers is an important part of every business and considering the role social media is playing in our personal as well as professional lives, in this article I am sharing with you three ways to use social media for customer acquisition :

1. Optimize social sharing :

Social Sharing is one of the most common and very effective method to drive social referral traffic on your website. Did you know there are around 22 billion shares happening online daily? This is definitely a huge number and makes social sharing bring you the exposure without spending a single penny. Add social share buttons to your website and make sure they are properly placed and the design goes with your website theme in order to boost maximum social shares.

2. Participate in Linkedin discussions :

Linkedin has provided businesses a great opportunity to interact with like minded professionals. By utilizing the power of Linkedin groups, you can listen and engage with your potential customers. Find groups that are relevant to your niche and join the groups that have members who can become your customers in future. Once you have joined the group, you need to start interacting and engaging. This way you will know what your customers are interested in.

3. Listen on Twitter via hashtags :

Hashtags are definitely helpful when it comes to find prospective customers on Twitter. Witnessing around 645 million active users, the social media giant offers businesses an awesome opportunity to find new customers. All that you need to do is to find out which are the popular hashtags relevant to your business and start following and engaging with professionals who are using the same. This will help you to build relationships with them and finally convert them.

So friends, these are my favorite three tips to use social media for customer acquisition. Do you have any tip in mind? I would love to know in the comments below.

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