Friday 7 August 2015

Tips for designing a conversion friendly landing page

Landing pages play very important role in driving conversions on websites after all for many users, they work as the first interaction with your website. In general visitors arrive on your website after being directed from adwords or email or some social media campaign. A well optimized landing page convince them to convert.
landing page optimization

By the process of landing page optimization, you can improve your landing page design in order to drive higher engagement and boost more conversions. Presenting the article that will help you to optimize your landing page to ensure higher conversions :

  1. Write a catchy headline :

    The first thing visitors notice after arriving on  your landing page, is the headline. So always put some serious effort to make your headlines catchy and clear. It should define the value proposition of your business. Here are some things that you need to consider :

    a. It should have the ability to grab user attention.
    b. The headline must tell users what this product or service is about.
    c. The headline shouldn’t be too lengthy, it should be short and simple.
  2. Optimize your landing page forms :

    The key aim of a landing page is to gather user data with the help of a lead generation form, which means you must make sure that your forms are well optimized and easy to use. One such way to optimize your landing page forms is with the help of social login.  Also known as Social Sign In, it lets your website visitors authenticate themselves using their existing social media identities. The benefits of social login are :

    a. Users no longer need to fill information in the form manually.
    b. Social Login eliminates the need to create another site specific username and password.
    c. With Social Login, you get access to permission based first party user data from their social media profiles.
  3. Provide an appealing Call to action that stands out :

    Call to action buttons are one of the most important elements of your landing page that contain the power to drive conversion. So always make sure to provide a call to action that stands out. Following are some tips to design a perfect CTA for your landing page :

    a. Experiment with various kind of CTAs to find out which one works best for you.
    b. Make the CTA buttons size big.
    c. Use the contrasting color for your CTA button.
    d. Use some strong line instead of “click here” or “submit here”
  4. Provide Social Proof :

    Last but definitely not the least, offer social proof on landing pages. An average user gets hundreds of emails from various business, so how would you stand out? By providing social proof. Social proof helps in building customer trust. Let them know what others are saying about your business, product and service. There are four main ways to include social proof on your landing pages :

    a. Provide customer testimonials
    b. Include case studies.
    c. Include embedded posts like tweets, FB posts, etc
    d. Provide Social Count
Conclusion :

Landing page optimization is a great way to drive high quality leads by enhancing user experience. The tips mentioned above are the starting points. The key to get a perfect landing page is to keep testing and optimizing after all what works for others, might not work for you. So keep testing and don’t be afraid of experiments as it will make you stand out.
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