Sunday 1 September 2013

Learn How to find your Missing Phone


A Saturday night, a bunch of pals, at the craziest bar – the whole package to cheer up your weekend. The next morning, a bad hangover from the last night and a missing phone! Oh Boy! Now this little device, the missing piece of your heart is enough to ruin the rocking time you had earlier. The hangover must be over by now! And you start thinking how to find your missing phone. And there comes this article to guide your way in finding your missing phone.

Missing phone

So first of all, stay calm!  No, I am neither kidding nor do I want to freak you out, but most possibly your brain would perform better if you could just stay calm.
I will be discussing here some of the great apps through which you can check the whereabouts of your lost phone. It could be anywhere from your toilet to even at the bar you visited or on the floor of some taxi you boarded. But before relying in these apps, try practically that is within your capacity.
So start with each of the rooms you had visited the day earlier. Check the couch, chairs, cushions and probably each and every furniture. If you find nothing, then check at your workplace, ask your friends, perhaps, try calling your mobile form any number. If you are lucky enough, you might hear your mobile ringing. And in case you’re unlucky, continue reading!

  • Android Lost:
    This is a web based application which lets you to access your phone via the internet. Additionally, it lets you to trigger an alarm in spite of the silent mode set within your mobile.This helps in locating the phone. It even supports feature to wipe out all of your sensitive data from your phone.

  • Plan B:
    Of course, there must be a subordinate plan B. Some of the mobile locating apps need to be installed into the mobile you lost. But what if you never did install any of those apps? There comes the Plan B. Visit the Android market and you can remotely install the app into your missing phone.

    Through GPS or by sending email, the app will locate your missing phone and then email the same to you. But in the case when you would require another location, just type ‘LOCATE’ and keep messaging it to your phone from a friend’s phone and you can try catching up with its new location. This plan B seems quite strong huh!
  • Phone Found:
    This isn’t a type of an app as the ones mentioned above. This app lets you paste your email address and other communication numbers within your phone screen which keeps these details visible even when your phone is locked. Someone who has found your phone can read those details and may send back your phone at your address. Well this apps really depends upon human nature!
  • Lookout:
    This is one genius app I must say. It protects your phone against theft or in some missing phone incidents. It charges you as low as $3 a month for its service. Antivirus service, backing up data and contacts information are all included in this app. Lookout app like others can track your missing phone through maps. Further cool services like Lock cam makes it possible to click an image of the person if he/she tries to break into lock screen password for the third time and email it to you.
  • ADM or Android Device Manager:
    This one is the latest offering from Google to help you find your missing phone. This ADM allows users to track and ping their missing phones and also remotely wiping out all the data from it. Too bad you can’t remotely lock your phone through ADM. But yes you can ping your phone and force it to ring its heart out regardless of its profile mode. Luckily it comes free and perhaps pre-installed!
  • Bit Defender Anti-Theft:
    What ADM doesn’t, Bit Defender does. Yes it has the remote locking feature too including all the other facilities. But this needs a $4 annual subscription to work. Interestingly, BD can’t be uninstalled by unauthorised users and if some genius tries to bypass it by changing the sim, you will get the notification SMS along with the number to the phone of your choice. You can then wipe data from your phone remotely.
  • Find my Iphone:
    Well here I have got something for the Apple users as they like the fruits only from their own tree. So, this app works only for Apple devices like the iPhone, iPads, MacBooks etc.And it’s free.
  • I Can’t Find My Phone:
    Yes I know!Okay this is one website which doesn’t do some serious herculean geek job in tracking, GPS and all. But instead it just makes your phone ring so that you can track it from some piles of clothing and all. Often we end up laughing at ourselves in searching for our missing phone all over the house while we have it right inside our pockets.All you need is to logon to and enter your number. But I hope you didn’t leave it in silent mode.
In case none of the above plans did the trick for you, I am so sorry! I think now it’s time you make a call to your service provider to lock your Sim-card, then you need to contact the police officials but you should have the IMEI of your phone with you.The next time, better have one of the aforementioned apps installed within your phone and take necessary precautions. However, I hope this article would help you to gain an idea in brief of how to find your missing phone.
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