Saturday 31 August 2013

How to Watermark your Images

Watermark your Images: Take Ownership
Watermarking your images is a gentle way to forbid someone else to use those. Internet is often taken as granted and so is all the data hosted up in it. But there lies some data which costs a great deal of drudge. If you know what great labour lies behind a single image clicked by a photographer or creating a single masterpiece of image by a graphic designer then you will corroborate my realisation. And as a free country, you can’t ask someone not to use stuffs. So the best way is to watermark your images and take its ownership.This article is intended to describe the process of how you can watermark your images by using some tools.
For novices: What is a watermark?
Take water and mark? NO! Watermarking is the procedure of adding an overlay embedded with some sort of text or logo or any symbol through which you can mark it as yours upon the existing image. So it primarily adds an extra lamina over the existing document. This can save your images from unauthorised usage and can be accomplished through certain soft-wares. Watermark can also be removed from the images but this requires the highest scale of patience and takes great amount of time and the recovered image is never obtained flawless. We will discuss here how we can have our images watermarked with the help of adobe photo-shop.
Another process of watermarking is the digital way. This is a pioneered service by ‘Digimarc’. It adds a digital code on the images which lets you to track its unauthorised usage. So let’s start.
• Now visit File within the menu and followed by Place. Here you have to select the logo and resize it till the size of your desire. You can optionally select the level of opacity so that the watermarking logo doesn’t interfere with viewing the image but it must be placed wisely so that it can’t be easily cropped or ignored. This will discourage further usage of the file. You can place your logo wherever you want by changing the direction by the button placed at the top of the toolbar.
Now this was about a single image to watermark. What if there was a bunch of images which needed to be watermarked. Well, photo-shop has already though about it. To do so, go to the toolbar and select Automate followed by Batch. In the next step, a new window pops up like below.

So this is how you can watermark your images through photo-shop and save your labour. Other soft-wares and websites are also available which provide watermarking services but may ask for a small amount of fee. At the end of the day, it’s your choice and your hard work to preserve.

• Shoot up the photoshop application and browse to open your image.
• Now place the image that you desire to use as a watermark.
• Now click on Action menu item present in the Window menu within the toolbar. Give a suitable name for this action and mind it that from now whatever you do, all gets recorded, I mean all of your actions.
This is how the watermarking through image is to be done through photoshop.
To do this you need to start an action again and place a textbox just above your photo. Do change the opacity and colors just as the way you need it to be. Now save the watermarked photo using the ‘Save as’ option as this will get recorded and the next time you watermark any image using the same operation, your photo-shop knows how to do it, what to do and where to save the watermarked images.

In the action field, choose ‘watermark’ and then in the next field select the source of the folder in which the bunch of images are waiting to get watermarked. Next choose the destination folder in which all the watermarked images will get deposited into. Also check the ‘override action command’. Then hit the ‘Ok’ button on the right top corner to substantiate the action.
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