Tuesday 27 August 2013

Top 8 Apps/Tools To Identify And Delete Duplicate Files From Your PC


Are you frustrated from your PC which is crowded by duplicate messy files? It’s quite annoying to search and delete duplicate files from the system manually. That’s why I mentioned here some useful tools that search and delete duplicate/unnecessary clutters automatically and keep your system fast, spacious and simplified.

1. DoubleKiller
Double Killer can find multiple directories by their name, size, content and date. It displays the list of the scanned files to be deleted then you can choose them manually to remove them. It is one of the tools that need not to be installed; you can directly extract and run it. Also you can protect some important files like .dl, .mp3 etc. to be scanned by using the matching masks. It is available in both paid and free version. Its extended version is Double Killer pro, i.e. useful for the commercial use.
2. Exact Duplicate Finder
It is a simple interface, lightweight windows process for the Windows Vista/7/8 and XP that removes all the duplicate files easily. It uses Byte-By-Byte strategy to find the identical files sorted by location. It automatically excludes the system files and folders.

3. Fast Duplicate File Finder
Fast Duplicate File Finder can scan duplicate, old and small files very fast from specific folder, computer or from the entire network and it uses built-in auto check algorithm. You can uncheck some files to get auto checked according to your need. Its new advanced Version has some additional features like “Browse for folders”. But with this tool you are not allowed to send results to the CSV or XML files.
4. CloneSpy
This clean up tool is compatible for Windows Vista/7/8/XP. Its single screen interface is very helpful and easy to use. Clone Spy provides the option to choose the pool of folders which are to be processed. Its search time to detect duplicate files (filter by same content, same file name and both) is very fast. It has the unique ability of searching zero length files (no content). By CloneSpy you can create checksum file through the files to the CDs or hard drives to check the same files on your PC. Its latest version is 3.01 with some advanced features.

5. Anti-Twin
Anti-Twin is a free application for personal use with the capability to find Byte By Byte and remove/recycle the similar file copies, unnecessary data backups and similar pictures from your hard disk. There is no need to install its portable version, you can run it directly.

6. Duplicate Cleaner Free
It is a free tool with clear interface and expected performance. Available in both free and paid version. Its color-coding scheme is very helpful to identify the duplicate pairs. Duplicate Cleaner can search multiple folder trees from network and home drives very fast. It can detect the duplicate images even if they are rotated, resized or edited. It scans the audio, video, text, PPT (Microsoft Power Point) files deeply. Its latest version is 3.1.6 with some updates like Bug fixes.

7. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder
Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a user friendly and reliable tool that finds identical files accurately. With Duplicate File Finder you can sort or organize the media collection like video, music and photos. It uses MD5 search engine that offers it to find similar files by content. It kills the duplicate files permanently or moves to the recycle bin.

8. Duplicate Photo Cleaner
Easiest and fast program for the photographers who want to delete the duplicate photos on their Mac (resized or edited photos also). It can find duplicate photos of different formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP etc. It also contains the popup tooltips, so it’s safe to use. It also lets you the preview function before the removal of the photos.

Among all of the above I found Fast Duplicate File Finder most helpful, though you are free to use any. I would love to hear that how much helpful you found this post.
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