Thursday 28 February 2019

5 Ways To Design Click Worthy YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube is a huge marketing platform for your brand. With so many articles and blogs published on the internet, there is an overload of written information. Users are tired of reading long press releases or blogs. They want something that is interesting and short but conveys the whole information. That is why video marketing is on the rise.

5 Ways To Design Click Worthy YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube is the best platform for video marketing. But like every other platform, it also needs a bit of work.

To make users click on your video, you need great and relevant content. But most importantly, you need a great click-worthy YouTube thumbnail.

A thumbnail for a video is like a book cover. It is the one thing that can convince your users to click on the video.

YouTube knows the importance of a good thumbnail. Therefore it is developing an algorithm that will help you pick the right image for your videos.

If you don’t know much about designing a good thumbnail, we have some tips for you to get started.

Here are 5 ways to design a click worthy YouTube thumbnail:

1. Always use a relevant image

The image should justify the video you are making. Whether it’s a tutorial or travel blog or video that talks about a product; think about the message you want the user to get. Now, use a photo that corresponds to that message.

For instance, if uploading a cooking tutorial, using a picture of the final dish as the thumbnail makes the most sense. Likewise, use the photo of the product you will talk about instead of old products of the brand.

Moreover, use close-up shots of photos as users can see them properly in a thumbnail format.

2. Use colors in the image wisely

Make your thumbnail image bright as it will help you stand out amongst the competition. Don’t use too much color as it will look cheap. But edit and use filters on the image to make it pop out, and catch the eye of the user.

3. Add text to the image

Another tip that will help you design a click-worthy thumbnail is to add text to it. Use the title or add some keywords to the thumbnail image so that the users know what the video is all about. Without reading the title, they are aware of the content and will immediately click on it if it’s catchy.

Don’t use more than two fonts for your thumbnail text. It should be relevant to the image, short and catchy. Moreover, design it properly so that it doesn’t overshadow your main picture.

4. Make sure you design the thumbnail as per the size requirement

YouTube thumbnail also has size measurement- 1280*720 pixels for the best quality. If you don’t follow this measurement, your thumbnail will pixelate when opened in the full screen of YouTube video player. A thumbnail with proper measurement, will look just right, clear and catchy. But if you use a smaller measurement, then it will look distorted and stretched.

For making the proper thumbnail with the exact size, use the Canva youtube thumbnail maker tool. You will find all the tools you need to design a click-worthy thumbnail here.

5. Use image of a person on your thumbnail if possible

Whenever possible, use the image of a person for your thumbnail. It will connect with people more and make sure that the image is a close-up shot. It will ensure that your thumbnail stands out no matter what device the user views it on. If the face of the human emotes perfectly, it will clearly speak volumes about your video’s intended message.

Bonus tip: It is important to test your thumbnail. Use the A/B testing strategy to optimize your channel. Also, if you feel like the thumbnail is not working, change it.

Be honest with your thumbnail; don’t click bait as people are aware of it. I hope these tips help you to design great thumbnail for your YouTube channel and it flourishes.

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