Sunday 1 October 2017

Best 5 Random Domain Name Generators for perfectionists!

Undoubtedly, choosing a perfect domain name for your online brand is a tricky task. Just think about how many times you made up your mind on a certain domain name and searched for it, you tried to purchase it and what- the domain is busy. Obviously, it is frustrating.

The domain name that you choose can make or break your entire online business. You need to consider several factors before purchasing a domain. You need to find a perfect name for your baby right away- something memorable, short and catchy, Something that is able to describe what your brand is in just few letters. Remember the name that you choose forms the basis of your overall marketing and advertising strategies.

Hence take all the time you need to select for a perfect domain name that matches your business also. But what if the domain you made up your mind upon is already busy?

A busy domain may already be associated with some active website or it might be purchased to sell for higher prices. You won’t believe but there is an entire industry for that. So when you see the domain is busy, you have 4 options:

  • You can contact to domain owner to try buying it from him.
  • Ask someone to search for you the domain on sites like fiverr.
  • Continue searching in the same way or try another way .

Other than these traditional methods of booking a domain you can try backordering a domain of your choice. Getting a high quality expired domain is a boon. Since I am an Indian, I always keep looking for .in domain backordering tool to backorder a domain that I like and is about to expire very soon.

Now let’s focus on the purpose of this article i.e. discussing the various domain name generator tools. Here is a list of some cool and catchy business name generators to help you with brainstorming. Let’s have a look.

1. Lean Domain Search

This is one of my favorite domain name generator tool. Using the tool is not at all difficult with all you need to do is to enter the keyword in the search bar and click on, “search domains” icons. The results can vary from a few domains to thousands of domains, all with a .com suffix. The tool also lets you

  • Sort your results based on the length, alphabetical order and popularity.
  • Add domains you like to favorites.
  • Share the domain names on social media networks to gain more opinions.
  • Perform domain availability check
  • Register a domain directly through numerous vendors.

2. Shopify business name generator

Shopify business name generator

This amazing domain name generator lets you search for a free domain. All you need to do is to submit your keyword in the search bar and click. Here you will find numerous domains that are available for instant purchase, and not just for .com

3. Namemesh


The versatility offered by this tool might get you confused. To begin with, you can type 1-2 words and go through each result one by one once you hit the Enter. Some of the lists you get are:

  1. Common: Here you can check the availability of TLDs along with hyphenated version of your keywords.
  2. Similar: Here you are provided with the synonyms, antonyms, similar words and many other options.
  3. SEO: Here you get suffix, prefix and derived words.
  4. Many more.

NameMesh is undoubtedly a great place to find your desired domain name. All that you need is a bit of extra time to go through all possible names.

4. Namestall


When it comes to find a great domain name, no one gives you as much as flexibility as Namestall. With the tool, you can easily get your keyword either in the starting or ending of your domain name. From various TLDs to being country specific, you have a lot to choose from. You can also select from the huge group of words or numbers.

5. Panabee


Panabee is another very effective domain name generator tool that lets users generate domain name or business name while also allows to check availability of a domain name. The tool recommends at least 2 words in the keyword bar and the next thing you get is a whole list of various business names.

If your desired domain name is available, it gives you a whole blue heart but if it is not, you get a broken red heart.

So friends, which one of these have you tried? Let us know in the comments below.
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