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Make use of Free WordPress to get real Facebook likes!

A great fan following on Facebook is what every business owner desires for today. And how amazing it is that you are just sitting back and noticing the increasing counts on your fan page. Well this is not an imagination, you can get it easily with just some smart efforts. As getting a page built and wish visitors will come is not today’s thing, Getting a real fan following requires more.

With this blog post I am highlighting 3 most effective tips to get more Facebook likes using WordPress that too without spending a single penny. So just hold on and dive into the details!

Ask for a Facebook like using a lightbox Popup!

This is I guess the most common approach to ask your visitors to like your Fan page. Well, this is an half and half situation that can make your deal or can break it. If you slap a popup in front of your site visitors as soon as they arrive on your web page, this will surely irritate them. But if you represent this lightbox before they leave the website then there are more chances to get the deal done. You can also set the time interval after which you want to display your lightbox popup.

The internet is filled with so many options for having a lightbox popup, Go for the one that best suits your requirements.

Don’t forget to include social sharing buttons on your blog posts!

C’mon, we all are aware of the importance of these WordPress social media plugin that allows people to share your content worldwide. But don’t place it all over your website, this is just useless. So be wise and choose your best destination that you find more sensitive from user perspectives and place there these social share buttons. Also bombarding your website with limitless social media platforms is another foolish thing. Just limit yourself to add only those platforms that are relevant to your niche and where most of your current customers are interacting with each other.

Redirect your subscribers to like your page!

Asking your subscribers to like your page is one of the most creative ways to increase your Facebook likes. But don't opt the same methods of email confirmation, despite of this thanks them for subscribing and give them a link to like your facebook page. Believe me, this is the most efficient technique to convert your subscribers into valuable fans.

Well options are numberless and I am eager to know them from your side. So drop your options here in the comment box below!

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