Monday 1 August 2016

Two essential parts of effective online content strategy

Here is some tips for effective online content strategy.

The relevancy of online content is becoming more important than ever. It can be easy to get caught up in the swarm of SEO and online optimization. However, effective online content providers need to remember the intended purpose of the search engine, and that is to get what content users are really searching for to come up in the SERPs.
Keywords and phrases use to be enough to convince the search engines that the content on the page matched up with the searches they were ranking for. That is not the case any longer. Hummingbird is bringing the intent of users to the forefront of search engine rankings. This means that the best approach to get content to rank is to make it genuinely match what users purpose for that information will be.

Google determines the relevancy of the content by the quality of what the page contains, and the relevant links that point to the site. Link building, and especially link farming have come under heavy fire, so getting relevant links is more important than ever. A link from a relevant website with authority is going to be much more important than even highly authoritative links that may come from unrelated websites.

Google is rapidly becoming a fan of social signals. Facebook likes and tweets used to be seen as a lower tier of SEO than links, but this is changing with the online content landscape. A website with relevant and highly shareable content will be the key for content providers moving forward.
Creating content that is seen by Google as worth ranking will be determined by how much users like the content, and how much they want to share the content with other users as well. What number is there on the Social Share buttons is what that matters the most today. This means that instead of looking to sell your product or company through content, it is much more important to make users want to talk about your company and share their experience with others.
The best web content moving forward will be the kind that plays well with others. The days of generating great content that did not extend beyond your website in the hope of driving on site traffic are gone. To get more  Social links are going to play a major role for online content promotion going forward, both for getting content in front of new customers, and gaining favor with the search engines.
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