Tuesday 2 August 2016

Tagging the Importance of Hashtags

There are a number of things that work wonders for your business- hashtags are one of them. It is one of the best ways of promoting a product via social media websites such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+. For hashtag novices who can’t seem to figure out what function the “#” sign has when it's added to a tweet or a video post-read on.

What is #?

On Twitter, the # sign (hashtag) turns a word/group of words that are suffixed to it, into a searchable-link. This helps you track discussion topics and organize content, based on those specific words. For Instance, if you wanted to post something about a current Wimbledon match, you would then include #Wimbledon in your tweet & join that particular conversation. Hashtags should be short and contain natural keywords/phrases to improve their visibility in online rankings.

Why Hashtags Matter

When you click on a hashtag, you are able to view all posts which mention that particular subject- all in real-time!! Take a look at why they are important:
Hashtags are a very powerful research tool & website developers who are interested in SEO can easily view trending news on social networking websites.

They are also very important when any breaking news has to be spread and are commonly used to get people talking and discussing about major global events
A hashtag can also be used to promote an event for your business via social sharing and helps attract more potential customers to your website. It’s a great way of promoting a new product launch or when you want to announce a sale, offer or discount.

Many websites also give you the functionality to track the performance of the hashtags you have added. It helps you analyze which keywords/phrases attracted traffic to your site and upped your sales.

Aspects to Focus On
As you can see, for any online marketer or small business owner, hashtags can be the magic wand you wave over the Internet to magnetize customers to your business. But there are some things you must remember while using them- when you add a hashtag to a post on any social networking site, try to incorporate an external web-link into the content, to your site/blog. This helps people link to more information about your brand or company. Incorporate short, simple, impactful and trending phrases and use hashtags to create a strong customer base.

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