Thursday 19 May 2016

3 Ways To Drive User Engagement On Your Blog

Ever wondered what makes a blog successful? Well, to be honest, there are lots of things that make a blog successful, starting with the quality content, but that’s not all. Yes, you have written awesome piece of content but the successful blog requires equally awesome promotion as well. It is not an easy task to make your audience respond to your awesome content so how do you do that? Don’t worry, that’s why you are here. Read on to find out three ways to drive user engagement on your blog :

1. Provide value :

If you are a beginner and not sure, where to start, take my word and the best place to start is by helping people. The first step is to create valuable content that can make some positive impact on your user's’ life. There are lots of tips on how to create the valuable content, here are some of the most important ones :

  • Find out what your users are talking about and write something that can help them with the same.
  • Provide valuable insights that the user can opt in his personal as well professional life.
  • Compel a strong, eye catching headline with interesting visuals.

2. Make it easy to share :

Now that the creation part is done, you have posted it on your blog too and the readers are loving it too. But how do you make your users to share it with their friends as well? Well, that’s where social sharing implementation helps. Add Wordpress social share buttons to your blog that will allow readers to share your content within their social networks using a single click of mouse. To maximize the effectiveness of your social sharing buttons, here are some tips :

  • Offer only those social networks where most of your readers hang out.
  • Provide social sharing buttons on all the important pages, a floating social bar works best.
  • Make sure the design of social sharing buttons works with your blog theme and the size is right.

3. Ask for comments :

Commenting helps you to find out your readers feedback regarding your content. Always make sure to ask your readers to leave their valuable comments. It will boost engagement. You can also go for social based commenting. It will provide them a simple way to share their thoughts with you. Always make it a note to reply to your comments, both positive as well as negative ones.

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