Monday 19 October 2015

Impress your visitors on the first date with your site

Do you remember your first date? A first date lets you meet somebody new who you observe and decide whether you guys are a good match for each other. Do you remember how much effort did you put to impress your partner? Well, your website also requires the same amount of attention in order to impress its visitors. When visitors arrive on your site, they judge in the same way you do on your first dates which makes it essential for you to learn how you can make your site look irresistible and ensure long term relationship with your visitors.

Here is the article that will cover up some essential tips to make both of your online as well as offline dates successful:

1. Be punctual :

C’mon! We all know how much we hate waiting! Being not on time on your first date will ruin all your efforts. Similarly, don’t let your visitors wait when they arrive on your site. A slow loading website will blow off your date. Your website has to be fast, optimize your images before uploading and test out what’s causing your site speed down. But always make sure that you don’t make your visitors wait.

2. Dress Up your best :

No matter how rude that sounds but looks are the first thing you notice when you meet someone for the first time. Pick up your perfect outfit that not only makes you look dashing, wear that perfume you have kept in your almirah and always brush your teeth :P and you are ready to go!

Similarly, talking to your website, you have 8 seconds to convince your visitors to stay and trust me, “how your website looks” plays a major role here. You have the single chance to create that first impression and to make this possible, design your website at its best but again, don’t overdo it by choosing extremely bright colors. Choose color combinations wisely, make sure the site layout makes sense, your fonts should be easy to read, overall design a simple yet attractive website.

3. Offer valuable information :

Now that you are on time, you have made some special efforts regarding your looks, the next step is to have some interesting conversation, right? The conversation you will have now will let you both understand whether you have something common or whether the partner is beauty with brains or just a good looking person without any brains!
Looks will only help you so far, the rest depends on how interesting is their interaction with you. Now that you have designed a good looking website that grabs user's attention, the next step is to provide value to them. Post relevant content, valuable guide as it will convince them to come back to you preventing your first date to become last date.

4. Provide a way to keep in touch :

Your first date is going well, you both like each other, so obviously you would want to meet again, right? To make it possible, you will have to share your contact information right. Either provide your number or take your partner’s number so that you can stay in contact.

In the same way, if you want to meet your visitors again, you will have to provide them a way to contact you again. Customer Registration either by Email registration or social login or both, can help you out with that. But don’t make the process too lengthy or else they will rather leave. You should also add social sharing widgets on your website in order to make it easy to share your web content. Apart from this, also create a contact us page that provides visitors necessary information about you.

5. Test and Optimize :

Every pickup line that you are going to try, you must practice it before in order to stop making a fool out of yourself. Try out multiple pickup lines, multiple outfits in order to decide which one works best. After all you don’t get a second chance to leave that first impression.

In the case of your website, keep testing every element of your website from color to CTA, in order to find out the most compelling one. A/B testing can really help you out there. Keep testing! Keep optimizing until you are ready to go!

Here are some tips that will ensure you a successful date both online as well as offline. If you have some other tips, that I missed, feel free to mention in the comments below.
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