Wednesday 26 August 2015

Reduce bounce rate on your site with 4 web design tips

how to reduce bounce rateLot’s of traffic but very few conversions, does that sound familiar to you? Getting huge traffic on your website is of no value if this traffic doesn’t stick. Everyday online users visit hundreds of new websites but don’t spend time more than few seconds. In short, they land on a website, scan it briefly and decide to leave.

Bounce rate is basically a measurement of the visitors who ditch your website as soon as they arrive without visiting any deeper pages. In general, the lower the bounce rate, the better it is.

In this article I am going to mention four web design tips that will encourage visitors to stick around thereby reducing bounce rates :
1. Choose a simple yet attractive design :

The first thing visitors notice after landing on your website is how it looks? These first few seconds of interaction can either make or break your business. So keep your website design simple but unique.  Make experiments, but it should be able to grab user attention. With 90% visitors believing poor web design as the reason for not trusting the business, you must make sure that the web design must be able to convince user to stay. Too many ads, video on autoplay mode will immediately make users leave. Put all the important information above the fold and make it easy to navigate.

2. Ditch long forms :

Social Login

We all hate filling forms, no matter online or offline. Greeting users with a long registration form as soon as they arrive on your website in order to complete the desired action, will immediately make them leave. 75% users leave the website rather than going through complicated customer registration process thereby causing high bounce rate on your website. Social Login is a great alternative here. Also known as Social Sign On, simplifies the whole process of registration by making it a one click process. It lets your website visitors authenticate themselves using their existing social identities. Social Login boosts conversions by increasing the number of sign ups on your website and at the same time reduces bounce rate.

3. Organize your content :

Only a naive can expect that the visitor will bother to navigate the site in order to find the content that he want. If the content on your site is not well organized and it is taking too much time for the visitor to find the content on your site, trust me they will leave your website right away. In order to make them stick around, organize your content in such a way that the desired content should be just one or two clicks away from the home page.

4. Optimize your website for mobile :

mobile friendly website

As per ComScore, 60% of the time users spend online is via mobile devices. No matter how good and optimized your website is for desktops, if you haven’t optimized it for mobile devices as well, you are missing out a lot. Having a mobile optimized website is need of the hour and if you are not serious about it yet, you can be in a big trouble in near future. With mobile devices taking over desktops for the primary device to access internet, you must ensure that you have opt for responsive design.

If you want to make the most out of your website, you must take steps to boost conversion and for boosting conversion, you need to find out ways to convince users to spend more time on website. Above mentioned four tips will help you out with it. Which other tips do you think I missed, mention in the comments below.
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