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No one on earth would like to tolerate a slothful computer in action! And it’s a fact that every super computer you purchased once turns into a sloth after couple of years on account of heavy usage.Previously the starting time and shut down time, application switching time and other operations might have been butter smooth whereas now it may seem like you couldturn out to be a grand-parent by the time your desktop actually becomes ready!

So what’s causing it?

Before we get to the root cause of this behavior, let’s touch upon with these two acronyms viz. RAM and ROM. The former one stands for Random Access Memory and the latter stands for Read Only Memory. This is to cease the confusion among the non-geeks. ROM is the memory section within your hard-disk where your data and applications resides/stored. Whereas RAM is the memory section which provides storage for running and executing applications which you’ve installed. And thus when you keep on initiating applications, your RAM loses its free memory plots. And this is the point from where your computer keeps on getting lazier each day. The more space your PC gets within its RAM, the more smoothly it runs.

How to extend or add RAM to your PC and Laptops?

Install RamIt’s always advisable to turn off every possible power source from your computer and even the battery if it’s a laptop.In traditional desktops, it’s easier to find the RAM corner as the design is common for all and is placed in a straightforward layout. While in case of laptops, it’s a bit tough to find out the RAM compartment. Unlike desktops, laptops are quite compactly built and with layouts different for every manufacturer. Each model has its own placement of hard-wares, so it’s hard to guess.Here the manual that came along with the laptop can be helpful. So considering that you have successfully removed the screws with the help of matching screw drivers, you can now remove the cover for the RAM cabinet. Now before you touch any of your computer inner parts, make sure you don’t possess static electricity within the tip of your fingers.

Static electricity might seem less powerful but can damage the sophisticated circuits and computer parts. You can get rid of that by just touching any metal or someone else. And now you are ready to upgrade your RAM. Look for small rectangular green circuit boards. There might be two or more or just a single one. These are the RAMs. Don’t touch the circuits or else you might end up damaging those. In case of a single RAM present, you can just plug the other one with higher capacity beside it and if you have two of those then I suggest to substitute the one with lowest capacity.

In laptops, to remove existing RAMs, look for two clips located at both the edges of the RAM holder. These are meant to support the RAMs and prevent dislocation. Slightly spread those in the outer direction and this will release the RAM. Now remove the RAM and place your new RAM exactly in the same position as the one you removed. Now press the RAM lightly downwards and this will again spread those clips outwards and after a certain distance in that direction, those clips will again come back with a click of noise. This means, the new RAM has been placed perfectly.



How to check whether the new RAM has been effective or not?

Of course now it’s time to examine if the new RAM actually works or not. You are already aware of the slothful functioning of your computer and its response times. So now you should switch the damn thing on. Check if the busy icon still loads for eternity or your computer just got prepared for more action at a glance. If it’s still lazy then it’s possible that the RAM might not have been placed properly. In that case you need to repeat those steps and see if it works then. There is no reason to panic if it’s not happening. Finally the service centres are always present to help you out. Hope if all goes well, then this textual matter will be enough for you to gear up your computer RAM.

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